osseous tissue

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Noun1.osseous tissue - the porous calcified substance from which bones are made
bone, os - rigid connective tissue that makes up the skeleton of vertebrates
animal material - material derived from animals
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When restapedotomy was done, it was seen that the vestibule opening was covered with the osseous tissue, so that displacement of the prosthesis was likely to recur (Figure 2).
Others have reported dislodged brackets embedded into body tissues and were accidentally found later in the osseous tissue, which was theorized to be once an extraction socket [10] and in rare sites such as in the upper lip [11].
The characteristic signal intensity variations in different MRI sequences and the presence of osseous tissue in CT provide excellent aid in diagnosis.
Firstly, it has been shown that the osseous tissue has the same DNA as the patient, excluding a fetal origin [19].
After dissection, the mass had an irregular, heterogeneous features, and whitish coloration, consistent with osseous tissue. Samples were taken from the mass, fixed in formalin, decalcified, and sent for further histopathological analysis.
[6] The cortical wall composed of loosely trabeculated osseous tissue and many thin walled vessel.
Histopathology revealed free osseous tissue and fibrous tissue.
They address anatomy, histology, physiology and metabolism, pathologic entities simulating lesions of pulpal origin, diagnosis and treatment planning, the use of cone beam computed tomography in treatment planning, illumination and magnification in apical surgery, local anesthesia and hemostasis, the management of soft tissues, the removal of osseous tissue, root-end resection and preparation, root-end filling materials, suturing and postoperative instructions, the maxillary sinus, soft and hard tissue healing, adjunctive surgical procedures, the pharmacology of surgical endodontics, and outcomes.
Labyrinthine ossificans (LO) is a condition in which the normal membranous labyrinth becomes replaced by fibrous and/or osseous tissue. A three-stage classification has been proposed for labyrinthitis: acute inflammatory, fibroblastic, and eventual osseous formation.