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v. os·si·fied, os·si·fy·ing, os·si·fies
1. To change into bone; become bony.
2. To become set in a rigidly conventional pattern: "The central ideas of liberalism have ossified" (Jeffrey Hart).
1. To convert (a membrane or cartilage, for example) into bone.
2. To mold into a rigidly conventional pattern.

[Latin os, oss-, bone; see ost- in Indo-European roots + -fy.]

os·sif′ic (ŏ-sĭf′ĭk) adj.
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(Medicine) turned to bone
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a. osífico-a, rel. a la formación del tejido óseo.
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In the pre-pubertal phase of laboratory animal, there is metopic suture closure and ossific centers emerge which serve as their age indicators.
The dashed arrow points to an ossific fragment near the distal humerus which likely represents the olecranon avulsion.
Injury to the lower medial epiphysis of the humerus before development of the ossific centre.