osso buco

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os·so bu·co

 (ō′sō bo͞o′kō, ŏs′sō)
n. pl. osso bu·cos
An Italian dish consisting of braised veal shanks in white wine.

[Italian ossobuco, marrowbone : osso, bone + buco, hole.]

os•so bu•co

(ˈɒs oʊˈbu koʊ, ˈoʊ soʊ-)

an Italian dish of veal shanks.
[1930–35; < Italian osso bone + buco hole, cavity]
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Noun1.osso buco - sliced veal knuckle or shin bone cooked with olive oil and wine and tomatoes and served with rice or vegetables
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner"
osso buco