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VATICAN CITY * The Vatican press office said that the results of a morphological analysis of bones and bone fragments found at an ossuary in a Vatican cemetery concluded that none belonged to Emanuela Orlandi, an Italian teenager who went missing more than 30 years ago.
Asked about Portera's comments on a large number of bones, Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gisotti said in an email it was "absolutely normal that in an ossuary there is an elevated number of remains, above all in an ancient cemetery like the Teutonic (is).
The community started to construct the Gothic church in the 15 th century, thus many bones were moved and stacked in pyramids in the ossuary beneath the new building.
9.An ossuary is a container or room in which what are kept?
All of this, it turns out later, has something to do with the bubonic plague, a secret religious order that employs violence to protect the one true faith and a stone ossuary that may or may not contain the bones of Jesus Christ.
The city museums will also open their gates, including a guided tour of the ossuary under the Chapel of Saint Jakub.
This is The central message will concentrate on the Bowl Hole Ossuary in the crypt, which is the last resting place of the people who lived in Bamburgh 1,400 years ago, when it was the cosmopolitan centre of Anglo-Saxon Northumbria.
Eighteen victims from the previous war were identified today in the ossuary of the Prahulje cemetery in Travnik.
Each of Dybek's three central characters has a tie to the site of the carnage--beginning in 1921 with Tom Combs, a young American ambulance driver working for the church, collecting remains from the battlefield to be placed in a huge ossuary, which will eventually hold the remnants of 130,000 French and German soldiers.
At present, ETFFI graduates, under the supervision of industry experts, are working on the restoration of Paco Park's ossuary. This section was once a cemetery during the colonial period.
They choose to be interred in a columbary or ossuary. And the Church is OK with that as long as the remains are buried,' Pascual said.