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Noun1.osteochondroma - benign tumor containing both bone and cartilage; usually occurs near the end of a long bone


n. osteocondroma, tumor compuesto de elementos óseos y cartilaginosos.
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In the literature, osteochondromas represent 8% of rib tumors and half of benign rib tumors (1).
In cats, osteochondromas have been linked to feline leukemia virus (FeLV) infections (POOL & CARRIG, 1972; THOMPSON & POOL, 2002; ROSA & KIRBERGER, 2012).
Osteomas involving the condyler head can be difficult to differentiate from osteochondromas, osteophytes or condyler hyperplasia on a plain radiograph and those involving coronoid may be similar to osteochondromas.
Exostoses, Multiple Hereditary (MHE, HME), Osteochondromas
Lumbar osteochondromas can be asymptomatic or cause symptoms like pain, radiculopathy/myelopathy, or cosmetic deformity [3-10].
Osteochondromas may cause pain and a reduction in skeletal growth, bony deformity, restricted joint motion, shortened stature, premature osteoarthrosis, and the compression of peripheral nerves.
The neoplastic pathogenesis of solitary and multiple osteochondromas.
Osteochondromas occur as both multiple (hereditary multiple exostoses) and solitary lesions.
Human OSs are arising in irradiated bone, in bone affected by Paget's disease, and in skeletal tumors (multiple enchondromas, multiple osteochondromas, fibrous dysplasia, and chondorsarcomas) (34, 35).
There have been approximately 100 cases in the literature of vascular complications due to osteochondromas including pseudoaneurysm formation, occlusion, rupture or thrombosis.
Numerous bony excrescences resembling small osteophytes and osteochondromas were seen in involved phalanges.