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1. Derived from or composed of bone-forming tissue.
2. Of or relating to osteogenesis.
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(ˌɒs ti əˈdʒɛn ɪk)

1. derived from or made up of bone-forming tissue.
2. of or pertaining to osteogenesis.
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According to the company, in-vitro testing has shown that stem cells attached to its titanium implant surface exhibited increased gene expression of certain osteogenic markers when compared to smooth titanium and PEEK.
[11] DPSCs can be used for rapid regeneration of craniofacial bone and alveolar bone, as they show more osteogenic potential than bone marrow stem cells.
DPSCs from supernumerary teeth have been reported for their MSC properties (1), differentiation capacity to osteogenic and adipogenic cell types (16, 17), and immunomodulatory activities (18).
Additionally, MC3T3-E1 cells were cultured in osteogenic differentiation medium, and the relative expression of miR-221 during the osteoblast differentiation process was detected at different time intervals (0, 4, 7, 14, 21, and 28 days) using qRT-PCR.
"Targeted messages to young males and females that discourage dropping out of sport and encourage joining sport (even in adolescence) may be important as the osteogenic stimuli of organized sports participation over critical development periods is associated with a higher bone mass in young adults," the authors write.
A recent study confirmed that football is effective for osteogenic training and that it has significant positive effects in the legs and clinically important femoral sites.
The Collagen Matrix products can be osteoinductive and osteogenic when combined with bone marrow aspirate making them complementary to CERAMENT BVF, which is osteoconductive.
The authors hypothesized that low intensity vibrations would induce MSC differentiation into osteogenic cells.
The differentiation of BMSCs, especially to osteogenic and adipogenic lineages, is crucial to bone hematopoiesis.
Therefore, a dysfunction in the proliferation and osteogenic differentiation of MSCs maybe an important mechanism of osteoporosis in patients with [T.sub.2]DM.
In a recent study, it was also shown to inhibit ST2 cell differentiation toward the osteogenic linage by directly targeting lysine-specific demethylase 6b (Kdm6b), a regulator of osteoblast differentiation [46].