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A structural unit of bone consisting of a haversian canal and corresponding lamellae of compact bone. Also called haversian system.

[German Osteon, from Greek osteon, bone; see ost- in Indo-European roots.]
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The prefix osteo derives from the Greek word osteon, meaning bone hence bone cancer.
manufactures a bone graft substitute (Pro Osteon), bone void filler (CopiOs) DFMs (Puros and InterGro), and a bone graft matrix (PlatFORM).
Hieron osteon ([phrase omitted]) is the old Greek term for sacrum ("sacred" or "holy" bone) and is used in terms describing the shape of sacrum-dolichohieric or platyhieric.
Osteoporosis ("porous bones", from Greek: osteon meaning "bone" and poros meaning "pore") is an underestimated complication of cirrhosis.
The cement line (which marks the boundary between an osteon and the surrounding bone) is also believed to contribute to impeding crack growth in compact bone, providing a relatively compliant/ductile interface with the surrounding bone matrix, a desirable feature in a fiber-reinforced composite subjected to repeated loading (Burr et al.
The first case of Pycnodysostosis was reported by Montanari in 1923 and the core features of pycnodysostosis (Greek: pycnos = dense; dys = defective; osteon = bone) were described later by Marteaux and Lamy in 1962.
These mineralized collagen fibers are aligned and organized in different patterns to form different kinds of bone: the nonlamellar bone (in which the collagen fibers of the matrix are arranged irregularly in the form of interlacing networks) the trabecular bone (in which the spicules or trabeculae form a three-dimensional latticework with the interstices filled with embryonal connective tissue or bone marrow) and the cortical bone (consisting of a repeating structure called an osteon, in which a central canal is surrounded by concentric layers of lamellae; collagen fibers in a particular lamella run parallel to each other, but the orientation of collagen fibers within other lamellae is oblique).
Conventional macroscopic mechanical tests are not able to detect the mechanical properties at the trabecula or osteon level [3,4].
Valencia et al., "Effects of calcium phosphate/chitosan composite on bone healing in rats: calcium phosphate induces osteon formation," Tissue Engineering--Part A, vol.
For the implant reinstallation, the guided bone regeneration using Osteon II 0.5 g (particle size 0.5~1.0mm; Genoss, Suwon, Korea) and 10 x 20 mm collagen membrane (Genoss, Suwon, Korea) was applied on the widely formed implant removal socket.
Bone morphology was more mature and well organized, presenting a primary osteon. A basic multicellular unit of osteoclasts cells (yellow arrows) that dissolves an area of the bone surface and then fills it with new bone by osteoblasts (white arrows) to form haversian systems or osteons.
The Greek word osteon, meaning "bone," and its relatives ostreon, "oyster," and ostrakon, are names for hard, brittle objects.