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n. pl. os·te·o·plas·ties
Surgical repair or alteration of bone.


n, pl -ties
(Surgery) the branch of surgery concerned with bone repair or bone grafting


(ˈɒs ti əˌplæs ti)

n., pl. -ties.
plastic surgery on a bone to repair a defect or loss.


the surgical practice of bone-grafting.
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Then a mucoperiosteal flap is elevated, performing osteoplasty to correct bony bumps and improve bone anatomy, as well as osteotomy to place the bone crest 2 mm from the cemento-enamel junction.
The new SLC insert allows to perform the osteoplasty of the sinus vestibular wall with maximum safety and unparalleled intraC.
Materials based on hydroxyapatite (HA) are most widely used in osteoplasty, as it is nontoxic, biocompatible and corrosion-resistant.
In situ pinning with arthroscopic osteoplasty for mild SCFE: A preliminary technical report.
Revision of 120 tibial infected non-unions with bone and soft tissue loss treated with epidermato-fascial osteoplasty according to Umiarov.
Hip arthroscopy for intra-articular pathology: a systematic review of outcomes with and without femoral osteoplasty.
We performed a femoral neck osteoplasty and reattachment of the labrum.
Notice exploratory know if the market offers devices (latest generation) comparable to those listed below: Piezoelectric ultrasonic cutting of bone: the device uses ultrasonic technology to generate piezoelectric micro mechanical vibrations that allow the cutting of the structures mineralized minimizing the risk of soft tissue damage, complete with pedal with cable and plug, preistaltiche pumps, power cord, bag support rods, Accessories: Disposable sterile osteotomy (bone micro saws, chisel), inserts for osteoplasty ( chisel with terminal trapeizoidale, scapello with round end), irrigation kits, torque wrench.
Biomechanical effect of crestal bone osteoplasty before implant placement: a three-dimensional finite element analysis.
20) Both methods include osteoplasty at the femoral head/neck junction and/or the acetabular rim to allow the proximal femur to articulate with the acetabulum without injury to the labrum with flexion and internal rotation.
The area was thoroughly debrided and osteoplasty performed.
When FAI is present, osteoplasty may be required to avoid reoccurrence.