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Reactive sclerosis is often seen with lymphoma, metastatic carcinoma, osteosclerotic myeloma, Ewing's sarcoma, and osteomyelitis.
Based on the patient's age and clinical and plain radiographic presentation, it was believed that the most likely differential diagnoses included lymphoma, metastatic carcinoma of unknown primary origin, and osteosclerotic myeloma.
of cases Multiple myeloma 330 NSMM 20 Osteosclerotic myeloma 15 SMM 72 Indolent/evolving myeloma 8 Plasmacytoma (solitary) 22 Extramedullary myeloma 5 Multiple solitary plasmacytoma 3 Macroglobulinemia 9 IgM lymphoproliferative disease 2 IgM lymphoma 5 Smoldering macroglobulinemia 2 Primary systemic amyloidosis 269 LCDD 7 MGUS 114 Idiopathic Bence Jones proteinuria 4 Heavy chain disease 2 Cryoglobulinemia 4 Acquired Fanconi syndrome 3 Scleromyxedema 2 Plasma cell leukemia 1 Table 2.