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 (ŏs′tē-ə, ô′styä)
An ancient city of west-central Italy at the mouth of the Tiber River. According to legend, it was founded in the seventh century bc. Ostia developed as a port after the first century bc and declined after the third century ad.


Plural of ostium.


(Placename) an ancient town in W central Italy, originally at the mouth of the Tiber but now about 6 km (4 miles) inland: served as the port of ancient Rome; harbours built by Claudius and Trajan; ruins excavated since 1854


(ˈɒs ti ə)

a town in central Italy, SW of Rome: ruins from 4th century B.C.; site of ancient port of Rome.
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The very name assumed by his host of Monte Cristo and again repeated by the landlord of the Hotel de Londres, abundantly proved to him that his island friend was playing his philanthropic part on the shores of Piombino, Civita-Vecchio, Ostia, and Gaeta, as on those of Corsica, Tuscany, and Spain; and further, Franz bethought him of having heard his singular entertainer speak both of Tunis and Palermo, proving thereby how largely his circle of acquaintances extended.
Tenders are invited for Ostia Check Dam Gania Block Of Nayagarh District.
To satisfy demand the Port at Ostia was one of the most important in the whole Roman world and Ostia Antica is still giving up the bountiful secrets of its commercial and social past.
Teacher Richard Hough, 37, lives in Ostia, near Rome, with wife Federica, 30, and two-year-old daughter Giulia.
However, in cases with polyps obstructing the sinus ostia, if a hybrid procedure employing both microdebrider resection and balloon dilation is performed, a satisfactory sinus outflow tract can be obtained with good ventilation and drainage.
Ostia "was a town that was always very open, very dynamic," said Paola Germoni, the director of the sprawling site -- Italy's third most visited after the Colosseum and Pompeii.
Established in China since 1984, Arkema operates six industrial sites, including the Changshu platform near Shanghai and the Ostia Biomaterials site in Hengshui to the south of Peking, its two largest sites in the world.
Porphyry, ethics and metaphysics, what to do when virtue bids us to abandon life, what is gennaion in the noble falsehood of the Republic, the image of Egypt in the platonic tradition, and a common misreading of Augustine at Ostia.
Italian police have arrested 51 mafiosi accused of a running a crime empire from the coastal city of Ostia, just outside Rome.
The four-day event closed Sunday night with a full program of music and entertainment at the Port of Ostia, Rome.
The four-day celebration draws to a close Sunday night with a full program of music and entertainment at the Port of Ostia, Rome.
Ectopic high origin (high takeoff of the coronary ostia) of coronary arteries has been defined as having ostia originating more than 5 mm above the supra valvular ridge or 10 mm above the sino tubular junction, which is seen in our case.