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A small opening or pore, as of a fruiting body.

[Latin ōstiolum, diminutive of ōstium, opening; see ostium.]

os′ti·o′lar (ŏs′tē-ō′lər, ŏ-stī′ə-) adj.
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1. (Botany) the pore in the reproductive bodies of certain algae and fungi through which spores pass
2. (Biology) any small pore
[C19: from Latin ostiolum, diminutive of ostium door]
ostiolar, ˈostioˌlate adj
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(ˈɒs tiˌoʊl)

an opening or pore.
[1825–35; < Latin ōstiolum little door, diminutive of ōstium door]
os•ti•o•lar (ˈɒs ti ə lər, ɒˈstaɪ-) adj.
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Noun1.ostiole - a small pore especially one in the reproductive bodies of certain algae and fungi through which spores pass
pore - any small opening in the skin or outer surface of an animal
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The new genus includes species characterized by: 1) inconspicuous or reduced ostiolar discs and 2) azaphilones of the specific cohaerin type (including minutellins and multiformins) as stromatal pigments (chemotaxonomic markers).
There was a relationship between the presence of two mandibular appendages of extant female morphotype of Hexapus and the ostiolar conformation of the five hosting fig species studied.
15); dorsal abdominal scent glands on abdominal segments 4-5 and 5-6 with rounded ostioles, bearing closing cuticular valve, ostiolar peritreme spout shaped (Fig.
Ventral surface: Pale brown, ostiolar peritreme creamy white, abdominal venter bearing short, recumbent, pale, simple setae, these setae longer and more numerous on lateral margins of genital cavity.
Pronotum distinctly less than 2.5x broader than long, anterior margin distinctly broader than head width, anterior angles toothed, humeral angles sub acutely produced, lateral margin distinctly sinuated, length 2.2 (2.0-2.6), width 5.2 (5.0-5.9); scutellum longer than broad with narrowed subacute apical lobe, length 4.15 (3.8-4.6), width 3.2 (3.0-3.8); metathoracic scent gland ostiolar complex (Fig.
Description.--Fruiting bodies: Stromata brick-red at maturity, eventually turning brownish-black to black with age; hemispherical, 3-7 mm across, confluent forming extensive lobed crusts; surface papillate with protruding tips of perithecia but ostiolar necks do not extend beyond the crust of the stroma; ostioles breaking exposing pore into perithecium.
Ascomas periteciales negros, densamente dispuestos, sobre micelio de anclaje, semi-inmersos, globosos a subglobosos, 400-600 x 500-640 (-670) [micron]m; papila ostiolar en forma de cresta, 130-190 x 160-250 [micron]m.
3B, 5A, 9D-E); ostiolar peritreme glabrous and shiny or covered with microtrichae and matte (Figs.
Width of pronotum distinctly more than one 11/2x of its length, anterior angles of pronotum subrounded, lateral margin concave, length of pronotum 2.1 (2.1-3.2), width 3.6 (3.6-4.8); scutellum slightly broader than long, length of scutellum 1.4 (1.4-1.7), width 1.6 (1.6-2.1); metathoracic scent gland ostiolar peritreme (Fig.
The syconia commonly close their ostiolar entrance shortly after some females penetrate, so the wasps enter and lay the eggs almost simultaneously (Ramirez-Benavides 1970, Frank 1983b, 1985, Herre 1985); they have symmetrical LMC; that is, synchronous oviposition and emergence of offspring (RamirezBenavides pers.
Ventral coloration: head black with outer margin of buccula yellow; rostral segment I black, II dark orange, and III-IV yellow (apex of IV black); prothorax black with anterior margin yellow, and outer and posterior margin of propleuron shiny orange; mesothorax black, with posterior margin partially shiny orange; metathorax black; ostiolar peritreme black; coxae, trochanters, and femora shiny orange; tibiae and tarsi yellow; abdominal sterna black with upper margin of pleural margin shiny orange; genital capsule black.