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Plural of ostracon.
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A number of artefacts were found inside the tombs, which consist of a large remains of a funerary mask bearing a human face and painted in yellow; a set of pottery vessels of different shapes and sizes, and tow ostraca, one of which contains hieroglyphs while the second bears text written in Hieratic," said Gamal Al-Semestawi, the general director of Antiquities of Middle Egypt.
Koenig, Les ostraca hieratiques inedits de la Bibliotheque Nationale et Universitaire de Strasbourg (Cairo, 1997), Pl.
Assim, o artista cria um elemento visual emblematico desse possivel destino paisagistico distopico da urbe: sua encarnacao civilizatoria, uma imagem de uma construcao incrustada em um pedaco de muro, uma especie de ostraca de argamassa e cimento (Figura 5), na qual se ve representada o que possivelmente deveria ser a parede de onde foi retirada esse pequeno pedaco de material.
The finds included more than 400 ostraca with etched words in Latin, Basque and Greek, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and drawings of various subjects, including Christian ones, dating from the 2nd to 5th centuries ad, according to the excavators' report (2).
From ancient Egyptian times about 40 papyri, papyri fragments, and ostraca survive, dating from around 1900 BC to 300 BC giving us nearly 2000 prescriptions with ingredients to treat ancient Egyptian illnesses (Pommerening 2012).
Among her topics are the invention of writing and number notation, metrological systems, the mathematical training of scribes, New Kingdom mathematical texts Ostraca Senmut 153 and Turin 57170, mathematics in literature, and Demotic Greek arithmetic.
Objective: "The project aims at providing electronic editions of ancient medical sources including texts, translations, commentary, metadata, and images of papyri, ostraca, and tablets.
e os primeiros de todas as areas (incluindo algumas especialidades da arqueologia) ligadas diretamente ao trabalho com inscricoes, pergaminhos, papiros e ostraca escritos em varios idiomas.
The Ostraca Series (2008-2009) comprises a number of busts in the classical vein.
Mildness alternates with brutality, happiness with tragedy, darkness with light, dreams with reality, poetry with ribaldry, present with past, Romulus's formal journaling with his companion Amelia's informal ostraca, nobility with the plebe, peace with war.
Ancient ostraca indicate "the pit" to be a place where commodities such as grain, wine, and oil were deposited, paid or stored.
After we left the site there was no control and the villagers must have resumed digging, because the market a few years later was flooded by hundreds of Idomaean ostraca inscriptions on pottery, ink inscriptions from the Persian and early Hellenistic periods.