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1. In another way; differently: She thought otherwise.
2. Under other circumstances: Otherwise I might have helped.
3. In other respects: an otherwise logical mind.
4. Used to indicate a category to which the preceding adverb does not apply: All the students, dressed suitably and otherwise, went on the field trip.
5. Or else.
If not; or else.
Other than supposed; different: The evidence is otherwise.

[Middle English, from Old English (on) ōthere wīsan, (in) another manner : ōthre, dative of ōther, other + wīsan, dative of wīse, manner; see wise2.]
Usage Note: When used to connect two related clauses, otherwise is usually classified as a conjunctive adverb, which by grammatical tradition should be preceded either by a semicolon or by a period. But because otherwise often means "or else" in these contexts, and or else behaves as a subordinating conjunction, otherwise is often treated as a conjunction and is preceded by a comma, sometimes even in publications that predominantly treat it as a conjunctive adverb. This usage tends to be more common in narrative and dialogue: "Mr. Radish is flabby, slope-shouldered, otherwise he'd be tall as Ira Early. But lacking what you'd call dignity, stature" (Joyce Carol Oates). Copyeditors tend to prefer the more traditional punctuation using the preceding semicolon or period. The Usage Panel supports this practice without roundly condemning the alternative. In our 2006 survey, some 51 percent rejected a sentence in which otherwise is preceded by a comma (The store must be open, otherwise there wouldn't be anyone inside). But 70 percent said that this sentence would be acceptable if a semicolon was used. · When introducing a new clause, otherwise is often followed by a comma: "On Thanksgiving, the staff got an hour for dinner; otherwise, the schedule was the same" (Janet Reitman).2011 A preceding comma is required when otherwise is used to introduce a contrasting phrase and means "in another manner:" The student has symptoms of pertussis, otherwise known as whooping cough.
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sentence connector
or else; if not, then: go home — otherwise your mother will worry.
1. differently: I wouldn't have thought otherwise.
2. in other respects: an otherwise hopeless situation.
(predicative) of an unexpected nature; different: the facts are otherwise.
something different in outcome: success or otherwise.
[C14: from Old English on ōthre wīsan in other manner]
Usage: The expression otherwise than means in any other way than and should not be followed by an adjective: no-one taught by this method can be other than (not otherwise than) successful; you are not allowed to use the building otherwise than as a private dwelling
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(ˈʌð ərˌwaɪz)

1. under other circumstances.
2. in another manner; differently: I refuse to believe otherwise.
3. in other respects: an otherwise happy life.
4. or else: Button up your coat, otherwise you'll catch cold.
5. of a different kind.
6. in different circumstances: An otherwise pleasure had become a chore.
[before 900; Middle English; Old English (on) ōthre wīsan (in) another manner]
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1. use and position in clause

You use otherwise when you are mentioning an undesirable situation which would occur if something did not happen. You usually put otherwise at the beginning of a clause.

Well you've got to laugh, haven't you. Otherwise, you'd cry.
I'm lucky that I'm interested in school work, otherwise I'd go mad.

Be Careful!
You do not use 'or' in front of otherwise.

2. used in relative clauses

Otherwise is sometimes used in a relative clause that contains a modal. You put otherwise after the modal or at the end of the clause.

They support services which would otherwise be uneconomic.
He was lured into a crime he would not otherwise have committed.
We have met interesting people over the years, people we wouldn't have met otherwise.
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Adj.1.otherwise - other than as supposed or expected; "the outcome was otherwise"
other - not the same one or ones already mentioned or implied; "today isn't any other day"- the White Queen; "the construction of highways and other public works"; "he asked for other employment"; "any other person would tell the truth"; "his other books are still in storage"; "then we looked at the other house"; "hearing was good in his other ear"; "the other sex"; "she lived on the other side of the street from me"; "went in the other direction"
Adv.1.otherwise - in other respects or ways; "he is otherwise normal"; "the funds are not otherwise available"; "an otherwise hopeless situation"
2.otherwise - in another and different manner; "very soon you will know differently"; "she thought otherwise"; "there is no way out other than the fire escape";
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1. or else, or, if not, or then Write it down, otherwise you'll forget it.
2. apart from that, in other ways, in (all) other respects a caravan slightly dented but otherwise in good condition
3. differently, any other way, in another way, contrarily, contrastingly, in contrary fashion I believed he would be home soon - I had no reason to think otherwise.
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بِالتَبَادُلبِطَرِيقَةٍ أُخَرَىعَكْسَ ذلك، خِلاف ذلكوَإلاّوإِلَاّ
annarsannars, eîahafa annaî aî gera/hugsa
교대로그렇지 않았다면안 그랬으면한편으로는
yoksaaksi haldeaksi takdirdebaşka şekildebaşka türlü
mặt khácmột cách khácnếu không


A. CONJ (= if not) → si no, de lo contrario
let's go with them, otherwise we shall have to walkvámonos con ellos, si no or de lo contrario tendremos que ir a pie
of course I'm interested, I wouldn't be here otherwiseclaro que me interesa, si no or de lo contrario no estaría aquí
1. (= another way, differently) → de otra manera
it cannot be otherwise (frm) → no puede ser de otra manera
they may be arrested or otherwise persecutedpuede que los detengan o que los persigan de otra manera
unless your doctor advises otherwisea menos que el médico le recomiende otra cosa
it's true, and nothing you can say will convince me otherwisees verdad, y nada que puedas decir me convencerá de lo contrario
she was otherwise engaged (frm or hum) → tenía otro compromiso
Miller, otherwise known as DustyMiller, también conocido como Dusty
until proven or proved otherwisehasta que se demuestre lo contrario
except where or unless otherwise stated (frm) → salvo indicación de lo contrario (frm), a no ser que se indique lo contrario
we had no reason to think otherwiseno teníamos motivo para creer otra cosa
2. (= in other respects) → aparte de esto, por lo demás
it's an otherwise excellent piece of workaparte de esto or por lo demás es un trabajo excelente
she was a little thinner, but otherwise unchangedestaba un poco más delgada, pero aparte de eso or por lo demás seguía igual
3. (= in other circumstances) → en otras circunstancias
people who might otherwise have died will livegente que en otras circunstancias hubiera muerto, vivirá
it's more expensive than I would otherwise have boughtes más caro de lo que hubiera gastado normalmente
4. (= of another sort) he would do it by any means, legal or otherwiselo haría por todos los medios, legales o no
it may not be transmitted by any means, electronic or otherwiseestá prohibida su transmisión por cualquier medio, ya sea electrónico o de otra clase
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(= differently) [act, behave] → autrement
I've no reason to think otherwise → je n'ai pas de raison de penser autre chose
(= in other circumstances) → autrement
This makes the show more exciting than it would otherwise be → Cela rend le spectacle plus passionnant qu'il ne l'aurait été autrement.
(= alternatively) otherwise known as ... (= also known as) → aussi connu sous le nom de ...
(= apart from that) (followed by adj)par ailleurs; (followed by clause)à part ça
He woke at about 7 a.m., very hungry but otherwise happy → Il s'est levé vers 7 heures, affamé mais content par ailleurs.
The cement is slightly cracked but otherwise in good order → Le ciment est légèrement fissuré mais en bon état par ailleurs.
an otherwise good piece of work → un bon travail par ailleurs
I'm tired, but otherwise I'm fine → Je suis fatigué, mais à part ça, ça va.
Note down the number, otherwise you'll forget it → Note le numéro, sinon tu vas l'oublier.
Put some sunscreen on, you'll get burned otherwise → Mets de la crème solaire, sinon tu vas attraper des coups de soleil.
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(= in a different way)anders; I am otherwise engaged (form)ich bin anderweitig beschäftigt; except where otherwise stated (form)sofern nicht anders angegeben; Richard I, otherwise (known as) the LionheartRichard I., auch bekannt als Löwenherz, Richard I. oder auch Löwenherz; you seem to think otherwiseSie scheinen anderer Meinung zu sein
(= in other respects)sonst, ansonsten, im Übrigen
conj (= or else)sonst, andernfalls
adj predanders; poems tragic and otherwisetragische und andere Gedichte
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1. adv
a. (in another way) → diversamente
it cannot be otherwise → non può essere diversamente or altrimenti
she was otherwise engaged → aveva già altri impegni
except where otherwise stated → salvo indicazione contraria
whether sold or otherwise → venduto o no
b. (in other respects) → altrimenti, a parte ciò
an otherwise good piece of work → un lavoro per il resto buono
2. conj (if not) → altrimenti, se no
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1. adjective, pronoun the second of two. I have lost my other glove; I've got one of my gloves but I can't find the other (one).
2. adjective, pronoun those people, things etc not mentioned, present etc; additional. Some of them have arrived – where are the others?; The baby is here and the other children are at school.
3. adjective (with day, ~week etc) recently past. I saw him just the other day/morning.
ˈotherwise adverb
1. in every other way except this. She has a big nose but otherwise she is very good-looking.
2. doing, thinking etc something else. I am otherwise engaged this evening.
or else; if not. Take a taxi – otherwise you'll be late.
no/none other than
the very same person as. The man who had sent the flowers was none other than the man she had spoken to the night before.
other than
except. There was no-one there other than an old woman.
somehow or other
in some way or by some means not known or decided. I'll finish this job on time somehow or other.
someone/something or other
a person or thing that is not known. Someone or other broke that window.
somewhere or other
in one place if not in another; in some place not known or decided. He must have hidden it somewhere or other.
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بِالتَبَادُل, بِطَرِيقَةٍ أُخَرَى, وإِلَاّ, وَإِلَّا jinak alternativt, ellers andernfalls, ersatzweise, sonst αλλιώς, ειδεμή, εναλλακτικά, εξάλλου de lo contrario, opcionalmente, por lo demás, si no muuten, muutoin, toisin, vaihtoehtoisesti alternativement, autrement, sinon alternativno, drukčije, inače alternativamente, altrimenti さもないと, そうでなければ, 代わりに, 別なふうに 교대로, 그렇지 않았다면, 안 그랬으면, 한편으로는 alternatief, anders, verder alternativt, annerledes, ellers alternatywnie, inaczej, w przeciwnym razie, w przeciwnym wypadku alternativamente, caso contrário, de outra maneira, de outro modo альтернативно, в противном случае, иначе alternativt, annars, annorlunda ไม่เช่นนั้น, ซึ่งมีตัวเลือก, ตรงกันข้าม, มิฉะนั้น aksi halde, başka türlü, ya da, yoksa mặt khác, một cách khác, nếu không 作为选择, 否则
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adv. de otra manera, de otro modo, por otra parte.
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References in classic literature ?
Some take hold of suits, only for an occasion to cross some other; or to make an information, whereof they could not otherwise have apt pretext; without care what become of the suit, when that turn is served; or, generally, to make other men's business a kind of entertainment, to bring in their own.
Ten truths must thou find during the day; otherwise wilt thou seek truth during the night, and thy soul will have been hungry.
Prejudiced, I never have been otherwise than in favour of the United States.
But when they are otherwise one cannot form a good opinion of him, for the prime error which he made was in choosing them.
No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.
The second clause of the second section of the second article empowers the President of the United States "to nominate, and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to appoint ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, judges of the Supreme Court, and all other OFFICERS of United States whose appointments are NOT in the Constitution OTHERWISE PROVIDED FOR, and WHICH SHALL BE ESTABLISHED BY LAW." Immediately after this clause follows another in these words: "The President shall have power to fill up all VACANCIES that may happen DURING THE RECESS OF THE SENATE, by granting commissions which shall EXPIRE AT THE END OF THEIR NEXT SESSION." It is from this last provision that the pretended power of the President to fill vacancies in the Senate has been deduced.
If he failed to produce the money at the expiration of the year, the pledge (otherwise the Moonstone) was to be considered as forfeited to Mr.
And though of all men the moody captain of the Pequod was the least given to that sort of shallowest assumption; and though the only homage he ever exacted, was implicit, instantaneous obedience; though he required no man to remove the shoes from his feet ere stepping upon the quarter-deck; and though there were times when, owing to peculiar circumstances connected with events hereafter to be detailed, he addressed them in unusual terms, whether of condescension or in terrorem, or otherwise; yet even Captain Ahab was by no means unobservant of the paramount forms and usages of the sea.
But as the colossal skull embraces so very large a proportion of the entire extentof the skeleton; as it is by far the most complicated part; and as nothing is to be repeated concerning it in this chapter, you must not fail to carry it in your mind, or under your arm, as we proceed, otherwise you will not gain a complete notion of the general structure we are about to view.
In fact, I believe that the preference for the literature of the past, except in the case of the greatest masters, is mainly the affectation of people who cannot otherwise distinguish themselves from the herd, and who wish very much to do so.
He went handsomely equipped with "conditions," but otherwise he was not an object of distinction there.
The circumstances under which you urge your request, and the reasons you give for making it, are sufficient to silence any objection I might otherwise feel to the course you propose.