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A world or existence beyond earthly reality.
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Noun1.otherworld - an abstract spiritual world beyond earthly reality
abstract entity, abstraction - a general concept formed by extracting common features from specific examples
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Peter Stevenson is bringing 'Myra: The Lost Fairy Tales of West Wales',' an encounter with the dark Otherworld of Ceredigion.
The cost, however, can be dire, for the creators of Otherworld are subjecting select players to experiments that risk their physical lives.
YOUNG ADULT BOOK OF THE WEEK OTHERWORLD by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller Delacorte Press, hardback PS9.
As night falls in the area the gates to the Otherworld are set to open and a whole host of creatures, ghouls and ghosts will come out to play.
Everyday life goes on in the Realworld, where magic is a low-key presence, but for chosen people there are portals to the Otherworld, where magic rules everything.
It discusses how archetypes of well-known heroic tales reveal a connection to basic laws of nature, such as removal from home to the natural environment, finding adventure in the wilderness, and quests in a mythic otherworld full of natural resources and beauty; describes the experience of the hero in facing mortality in mythic underworlds; explores their experiences with sacrifice, showing that death is natural; and discusses how the message of these myths is not to dwell on death but that people are part of nature.
So hitch a ride on the band's psychedelic journey through a wonderful otherworld of dancers, stilt walkers, psychedelic lighting and projections - you won't regret it.
Take a rollercoaster worm hole trip through their wonderful otherworld of dancers, stilt walkers, psychedelic lighting and projections.
These ancient stories, says Beveridge, "introduce us to one predominant idea, a fairy tale idea, that was central to Celtic and Norse pre-Christian tradition--there is an unseen otherworld existing alongside the visible realm we know" (12).
The Bo'ness Hippodrome will keep love blossoming at Scotland's oldest purposebuilt cinema as audiences are transported to an otherworld of angels for Powell and Pressburger's masterpiece A Matter Of Life And Death (November 15) and a 1940's boutique with a special festive screening of James Stewart rom-com The Shop Around The Corner (December 19).
The first one is called Otherworld and the second is called The Ides of March and is due to be released this week.
A confused and unwilling hero, he tries to deny his destiny but is forced by circumstance into deadly intervention in both this world and the Otherworld, allowing him to discover and hone his shape-shifting powers.