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A world or existence beyond earthly reality.
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Noun1.otherworld - an abstract spiritual world beyond earthly reality
abstract entity, abstraction - a general concept formed by extracting common features from specific examples
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OtherWorld Transplant Gamessports taking place on Sunday were petanque - a form of bowling - at Sage Gateshead and volleyball and archery at Gateshead International Stadium.
Theater events: Laugh Out Loud parodies politics; Otherworld parodies Tolkien this week in Chicago
Simon has just purchased a multi-thousand-dollar set of equipment in order to play a new, revolutionary game called Otherworld created by an organisation called The Company.
37) that "[rjoughly a tenth of the Qur'an, perhaps more, deals with matters eschatological." He provides precise statistics about the frequency of use of the terms for this world (dunya) and the otherworld (akhira), making much of this binary divide, which is helpfully presented in two charts.
Celtic Cosmology and the Otherworld: Mythic Origins, Sovereignty and Liminality
David Bottoms; OTHERWORLD, UNDERWORLD, PRAYER PORCH; Copper Canyon Press (Nonfiction: Poetry) 16.00 ISBN: 9781556595202
Dubai: An Abu Dhabi schoolteacher on Saturday won this year's Montegrappa Writing Prize at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in Dubai for 'Otherworld', an Irish mythical tale of a girl caught between two realms.
Peter Stevenson is bringing 'Myra: The Lost Fairy Tales of West Wales',' an encounter with the dark Otherworld of Ceredigion.
Hoping to get Kat to talk to him, Simon gains exclusive access for both of them to try out a new, immersive virtual reality called Otherworld. In Otherworld, players can be whatever they imagine and gain whatever they desire.
YOUNG ADULT BOOK OF THE WEEK OTHERWORLD by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller Delacorte Press, hardback PS9.37, ebook PS1.49 HHH HH WHAT if a video game could become your new, and oh so very terrifying, reality?
The Halloween Fiesta will culminate in a grand finale in Broadgate entitled Voyage to the Otherworld. As night falls in the area the gates to the Otherworld are set to open and a whole host of creatures, ghouls and ghosts will come out to play.
So hitch a ride on the band's psychedelic journey through a wonderful otherworld of dancers, stilt walkers, psychedelic lighting and projections - you won't regret it.