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1. The structure formed by invagination of the embryonic ectodermal tissue that develops into the inner ear.
2. A statocyst.

o′to·cys′tic adj.


1. (Zoology) another name for statocyst
2. (Zoology) the embryonic structure in vertebrates that develops into the inner ear in the adult
ˌotoˈcystic adj


(ˈoʊ tə sɪst)

2. one of a pair of pouches that form in the front part of the embryo by the infolding of a thickened area of ectoderm.
o`to•cys′tic, adj.
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The otocysts contain smaller otoliths, and they are irregular in shape; the heart tube is attached by a thin strand of cells to the pericardial wall; and blood cells pool on the ventral side of the embryo at the level of the hindbrain and along the length of the tail.
The hindbrain (hb) develops just posterior to any retinal tissue, but the otocysts have been deleted.