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o′to·rhi′no·la·ryn′go·log′i·cal (-lə-rĭng′gə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.
o′to·rhi′no·lar′yn·gol′o·gist n.


(ˌoʊ toʊˌraɪ noʊˌlær ɪŋˈgɒl ə dʒi)

also otolaryngology,

the study and treatment of diseases of the ear, nose, and throat.
o`to•rhi`no•la•ryn`go•log′i•cal (-ləˌrɪŋ gəˈlɒdʒ ɪ kəl) adj.
o`to•rhi`no•la•ryn•gol′o•gist, n.


otolaryngology. — otorhinolaryngologist, n. — otorhino-laryngologic, otorhinolaryngological, adj.
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Noun1.otorhinolaryngology - the medical specialty that deals with diseases of the ear, nose and throat
medical specialty, medicine - the branches of medical science that deal with nonsurgical techniques
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Contract notice: supply of diverse material for the otorhinolaryngology service
23 people were sent to Turkey with problems associated with nosology and otorhinolaryngology, 14 - nephrology, 2 - traumatology, 3 - gastroenterology, 3 - cardiovascular diseases, 3 - oncology, and 2 - ophthalmology.
Divided into brief study units, this textbook introduces the main concepts in otorhinolaryngology, covering the anatomy, physiology, and immunology of the nose, paranasal sinuses, and face, diagnostic evaluation of the nose and paranasal sinuses, and specific diseases; the anatomy, physiology, examination, and conditions of the oral cavity and pharynx, ear, facial nerve, lateral skull base, external neck, larynx, and trachea; and hearing, voice, and speech and language disorders.
Independent of this, these complications are still a significant challenge in otorhinolaryngology practice because of high morbidity and mortality rates.
1) ENT Surgeon, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Manasagangothri, Mysuru.
The patients of either sex and of any age admitted to surgical wards including general surgery, orthopedic, obstetrics and gynecology, otorhinolaryngology (ENT) and ophthalmology wards and undergoing elective surgery were included in the study.
Laila al Jasmi, assistant of executive director of workforce development and training, said the PHCC presented the prepared plans and programmes in order to attract Qatari cadres in different areas of human medicine, community medicine, family medicine, internal medicine, emergency medicine, paediatrics, otorhinolaryngology, radiology and dermatology, among others.
In his book Zivot i djela Ante Sercera (Life and Work of Ante Sercer) from 1997, Professor Ivo Padovan states that the fourth step of otorhinolaryngology development in Zagreb started with Professor Ante Sercer's appointment as head of the ENT Department at Sestre milosrdnice Hospital in 1946, i.
It provides a comprehensive suite of surgical services, including podiatry, orthopedics, spine, gastroenterology, otorhinolaryngology (ENT) and pain management.
This approach has not yet been used as a standard preoperative or intraoperative procedure in otorhinolaryngology.
Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, the Saudi Otorhinolaryngology Society opened the 10th International Conference on Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) in Jeddah on Tuesday.
He was speaking on the sidelines of the sixth edition of the three-day Emirates Otorhinolaryngology, Audiology and Communications Congress that began on January 13 and will conclude on January 15 under the patronage of Shaikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Minister of Finance.