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Having a toxic effect on the structures of the ear, especially on its nerve supply.

o′to·tox·ic′i·ty (-tŏk-sĭs′ĭ-tē) n.


(Medicine) damage to the ear
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The introductory editorial, "Moving toward a future free of ototoxicity," highlighted the latest scientific research exploring how certain pharmaceuticals damage the inner ear while others can protect it.
Of the nearly 300 implantation cases I had done in 20 years, it was noted that the cause of deafness in 50 percent of the cases were preventable, 32 percent with rubella, while others had meningitis, infection, otitis media and ototoxicity.
Expands service portfolio - MPI will add ototoxicity and abuse liability capabilities, and expand Charles Rivers existing capabilities in general toxicology and specialty toxicology, including ophthalmology, juvenile toxicity, molecular biology, and surgery, as well as medical device testing.
Another alarming and currently prevalent cause is ototoxicity.
Vestibular ototoxicity in the chick: effects of streptomycin on equilibrium and on ampullary dark cells.
Ototoxicity (drug or chemical-related damage to the inner ear), especially from the antibiotic gentamicin
Existing drugs are associated with serious adverse effects, such as irreversible ototoxicity, nephrotoxicity, debilitating nausea and psychosis.
98% were reported gastrointestinal upset as major ADR followed by psychosis and ototoxicity by 4.
This multicentre trial is intended to evaluate the feasibility, safety and exploratory efficacy of the product given by intratympanic administration in subjects at risk for ototoxicity from cisplatin chemotherapy.
Mixed hearing loss could have been due to ototoxicity due to locally produced bacterial toxins or drug induced ototoxicity.
However, adverse effects such as nephrotoxicity and irreversible ototoxicity is witnessed in case of absorption of bacitracin and neomycin and is strictly avoided in cases of burns and deep injuries.