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A white poisonous glycoside, C29H44O12, extracted from the seeds of certain African trees of the genera Strophanthus and Acokanthera, that is used as a dart poison in some parts of Africa and has been used to treat congestive heart failure.

[From French ouabaïo, from Somali wabayo.]


(Elements & Compounds) a poisonous white crystalline glycoside extracted from certain trees and used as a heart stimulant and, by some African tribes, on poison darts. Formula: C29H44O12.8H2O
[C19: from French ouabaïo, from Somali waba yo native name of tree]


(wɑˈbɑ ɪn)

a white crystalline glycoside, C29H44O2, extracted from the seeds or wood of certain African trees and used as a poison on the tips of arrows or in medicine as a heart stimulant.
[1890–95 < French ouaba(ïo) (< Somali waabayyo arrow poison) + -in1]
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Despite its history being harvested from African plants to stop an enemy's heart with the shot of a bow, ouabain is also a steroid that the human body naturally produces.
Grape seed proanthocyanidin extracts enhance endothelial nitric oxide synthase expression through 5'-AMP activated protein kinase/Surtuin 1-Krupple like factor 2 pathway and modulate blood pressure in ouabain induced hypertensive rats.
ATPase subunits expression during morula to blastocyst conversion, (c) inhibitory effect of ouabain (as a [Na.
23 SSCs expand in the presence of feeder layer cells such as mouse embryonic fibroblast (MEF) cells, Sandos Inbred Mouse (SIM) mouse embryo-derived Thioguanine and Ouabain resistant cells (STO cells) and human embryonic cell- derived fibroblast-like cells (hEFs).
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Dietary sodium alters airway function by elevating systemic levels of endogenous ouabain that in turn inhibit the Na[sup]+/K[sup]+ pump.
Objective: Ouabain is a plant derived active pharmaceutical ingredient for specific heart diseases.
Cardiac glycosides such as ouabain and proscillaridin were among the most potent compounds in the screen.
ATPase activity was calculated as the difference between inorganic phosphate released during the 10-minute incubation with and without ouabain.
They found the heart drug ouabain, when administered, can reduce the virus' replication.
The medicine that supports all aspects of the parasympathetic nervous system is a medicine from the strophanthus plant called ouabain, or g-strophanthin.