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[French, from Hassaniya Arabic (colloquial Arabic dialect of Mauritania) 'ūgiyya, from classical Arabic 'ūqiyya, ounce, silver coin weighing an ounce, from Greek ounkia, ounce, from Latin uncia; see oi-no- in Indo-European roots.]


(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Mauritania, divided into 5 khoums


(uˈgi yə)

n., pl. -ya, -yas.
the basic monetary unit of Mauritania.
[1970–75; < French < dial. Arabic ūgīya, akin to Arabic ūqīyah literally, ounce; see oka1]
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Noun1.ouguiya - the basic unit of money in Mauritania
Mauritanian monetary unit - monetary unit in Mauritania
khoum - 5 khoums equal 1 ouguiya in Mauritania
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On 1 January 2018, you released the new versions of the national currency, the Ouguiya at a rate of 10 to 1 in relation to the old one.
The project will cost 50 billion Ouguiya (or US$ 170 million).
Currency Saudi Riyals Kuwaiti Dinar 12.9722 Bahrain Dinar 9.9467 Omani Riyal 9.7390 Jordanian Dinar 5.2854 Tunisian Dinar 2.6774 Egyptian pound 0.6833 UAE Dirham 1.0209 Qatari Riyal 1.0295 Moroccan Dirham 0.4520 Syrian lira 0.0814 Yemeni Riyal 0.0180 Mauritania Ouguiya 0.0142 Lebanese lira 0.0025 Sudanese pound 0.0187
I tried putting these in some kind of presentation case, but when it came to marking them up and doing pretty little captions beneath each one, I soon lost interest once I realised I couldn't speak Spanish/French etc and wasn't able to differentiate a ouguiya from two dollars.
OFFICIAL NAME: Islamic Republic of Mauritania LOCATION: Northwest Africa, between Senegal and Western Sahara CAPITAL: Nouakchott -- named in 1960, it is the most recently named capital of the world CURRENCY: 1 ouguiya (UM) - 5 khoums