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[French, from Hassaniya Arabic (colloquial Arabic dialect of Mauritania) 'ūgiyya, from classical Arabic 'ūqiyya, ounce, silver coin weighing an ounce, from Greek ounkia, ounce, from Latin uncia; see oi-no- in Indo-European roots.]


(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Mauritania, divided into 5 khoums


(uˈgi yə)

n., pl. -ya, -yas.
the basic monetary unit of Mauritania.
[1970–75; < French < dial. Arabic ūgīya, akin to Arabic ūqīyah literally, ounce; see oka1]
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Noun1.ouguiya - the basic unit of money in Mauritania
Mauritanian monetary unit - monetary unit in Mauritania
khoum - 5 khoums equal 1 ouguiya in Mauritania
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The European Union (EU) has offered 600 million ouguiyas to help 35 communes under a decentralization support scheme.
12) Ni el viejo dinar argelino, ni los duros ni las ouguiyas existen, pero con frecuencia son utilizadas oralmente por la poblacion saharaui para referirse a los precios de las mercancias y los servicios.
For around 20,000 ouguiyas (40 [pounds sterling]) per month, the guards take two-to-four-day shifts, living either in basic shelters on the shore or on board, regardless of whether the boat is still afloat or aground in the shallows.