out of wedlock

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The state of being married; matrimony.
out of wedlock
Of parents not legally married to each other: born out of wedlock.

[Middle English wedlocke, from Old English wedlāc : wedd, pledge + -lāc, n. suff. expressing activity.]
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Adv.1.out of wedlock - of biological parents not married to each other; "this child was born illegitimately"
2.out of wedlock - of unwed parents; "he was born out of wedlock"
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And am a happy horse, too, though born out of wedlock.
But she argued that she, though born out of wedlock, was treated by her father's relatives as one of their own.
Kgosi Fanuel Mokalake of Modipane also expressed concern over greedy families who still excluded children born out of wedlock from inheriting from their fathers.
He said in recent court papers that the trust "would not benefit any person bought out of wedlock unless that person had lived for a substantial period of time as a regular member of the household".
Justice Datuk Abdul Rahman Sebli who delivered the judgment held that a Muslim child conceived out of wedlock can bear his or her father's surname instead of 'Abdullah'.
Dubai: Dubai Court of Appeal upheld a prison sentence to a maid who tried to sell her two-week-old baby daughter conceived out of wedlock for Dh10,000.
The public prosecution also charged the woman with exchanging her nude pictures with the suspect, having consensual sex with him the suspect out of wedlock, and assisting him to trespass her father's house.
In case they are not financially stable to take care of their babies or have had them out of wedlock, they can leave them in the cribs available outside shelter homes like Edhi's.
RELATED: Tourists accused of having sex out of wedlock in Dubai
Though these are the princely couple's first children, Albert has had several children with different women out of wedlock. He has publicly recognized two other children.
Summary: Muscat: Society continues to look down upon children who were born out of wedlock, as ...
Correlations (i) between percent of children born out of wedlock & violent crime rates, (ii) between male unemployment rates & rates of violent crime and (iii) partialled correlations [a] between out-of-wedlock & violent crime rates (with male unemployment rates partialled) and [b] between male unemployment violent crime rates (with rates of out-of-wedlock births partialled) for the years 1996-1998.