adj.1.breathing laboriously or convulsively.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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He pulled out all stops to paint a hitherto politically out-of-breath Gideon Moi a villain.
When I found him on the train and introduced myself, I was probably a sweating, out-of-breath mess.
In just two months I had lost over 15kgs my baggy clothes and fewer out-of-breath moments were hard to miss.
It was nearly time to board the last Zodiac back to the ship, when an out-of-breath fellow passenger told me of his great discovery in the neighboring cove.
Keller was equal parts emotional and out-of-breath, but he managed to eventually find the words and ask the big question.
It's a good job we're looking our best; we're sure he's a huge fan of red-faced, sweaty journalists, firing out-of-breath questions at him.
Her comments portrayed me and my neighbors, the good folks of the Seavey Loop area, as out-of-breath, closed-minded, "misinformed and hysterical."
Due to this being an enzyme produced in the muscles, it is best if you can do a good mix of cardio (sweaty, out-of-breath stuff like running, aerobics, spin, Metafit, squash, football, rugby) and muscle conditioning (red-faced, loads of effort stuff like lifting weights, kettlebells, power bags, Vipr and body weight exercises).
One of the first callers to Newtown police was a woman who said in a trembling, out-of-breath voice: ''I think there's somebody shooting in here at Sandy Hook school.''
Suddenly, the door burst open and an out-of-breath pupil blurted out to our choirmaster: "Sir, President Kennedy has been shot dead."
In my county, not giving heartworm preventatives in mosquito season dooms a dog to a short life and a very unpleasant end, coughing, gagging, and out-of-breath. I know that some people feel they can build their dogs' immune systems to the point that the dogs' can destroy any developing heartworm larvae ...