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Past tense of outdo.
References in classic literature ?
Henry III had always been accounted a good swordsman, but that day he quite outdid himself, and in his imagination was about to run the pseudo De Montfort through the heart, to the wild acclaim of his audience.
And I outdid myself that day to impress the fact upon the natives of Kaol, for I wished to win a way into their hearts--and their city.
A moment more and Jane Clayton's safety might have been assured, even though Numa, the lion, was already gathering himself in preparation for a charge; but Fate, already all too cruel, now outdid herself--the wind veered suddenly for a few moments, the scent spoor that would have led the ape-man to the girl's side was wafted in the opposite direction; Tarzan passed within fifty yards of the tragedy that was being enacted in the glade, and the opportunity was gone beyond recall.
Trump isn't the only factor, and Anderson outdid him by more than six percentage points, but the legislator doesn't have a lot of wiggle room in that competitive district.
When it comes to 8th grade reading, Ladner found that white Colorado charter students outscored their peers nationwide, while Hispanic and lower-income charter students outdid their peers in 44 and 41 states, respectively.