outdoor man

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Noun1.outdoor man - someone who enjoys outdoor activitiesoutdoor man - someone who enjoys outdoor activities
amateur - an athlete who does not play for pay
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It was patent that Brissenden was no outdoor man. Then how had he been ravaged by the sun?
Their Outdoor Man with a fresh aroma of cedar and vanilla is all about mountains, fishing, hunting, camping, chopping wood, hiking and campfires.
With his cropped hair, short beard and trim physique, Kaprov looks every bit the outdoor man he is, spending days in the field seeking interesting frames in the company of his mixed border collie Robin.
I never made it to the Empty Quarters even though Saudi Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources Ali Al Naimi, an outdoor man himself, promised that he would try to make it possible.
In other words an outdoor man's paradise, and a great tourist attraction in southern Tennessee.
THINK you could take on a survival challenge set by TV's toughest outdoor man, Bear Grylls?
This California-based company focuses on fragrance and body care targeting the rugged outdoor man. While they don't explain their packaging philosophy on the site, they clearly make an effort to keep their packaging in line with their green, natural ingredient story.
5) The Outdoor Man Grill opens for business, but things don't go smoothly because Kristin believes Ed is questioning her managerial decisions.

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