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A woman who spends considerable time in outdoor pursuits, such as hunting and fishing.
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(ˌaʊtˈdɔrzˌwʊm ən, -ˈdoʊrz-)

n., pl. -wom•en.
1. a woman devoted to outdoor recreational activities.
2. a woman who spends much time in the outdoors.
usage: See -woman.
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Noun1.outdoorswoman - a woman who spends time outdoors (e.g., hunting and fishing)
outdoorsman - a person who spends time outdoors (e.g., hunting or fishing)
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An outdoorswoman who lived modestly with her husband, oil and gas millionaire Bill, Marie had enough adventurous spirit to become the first woman to cross the country by car.
Amber Reed, former canoe guide, teacher, environmentalist, outdoorswoman and holistic farmer, passionately loves the land and animals.
Lastly, perhaps it would also be beneficial to consider bringing an experienced outdoorswoman on staff--if you haven't done so already--to assist in purchasing for this market.
Realizing Sarah Furgerson was missing as well, Anne referred to the women as "those silly girls." Queen Elizabeth's daughter, who was previously described as "a no-nonsense outdoorswoman who didn't care about clothes," couldn't bond with Diana, who was "far more interested in having a good time."
My loving wife, a very avid outdoorswoman in her own right, informed me that I should probably stay home since we had the family at the house.
As the years go by, she becomes an outdoorswoman and acquires outstanding survival skills.
Leni, a whipsmart, book-loving girl, becomes a rugged Alaskan outdoorswoman, forced to make agonizing decisions about the domestic violence that overtakes her family.
A 2-time 3-D archery national champion, published author, magazine contributor and recipient of the 2017 Safari Club International Young Hunter Award, Alli is a consummate outdoorswoman and advocate for aspiring young hunters.
Synopsis: Compiling knowledge from more than thirty years of hiking, "Hike Smart: Tips and Tactics for Improving Your Treks" by the team of Ann Marie Brown (the author of more than thirteen hiking guide books and is a dedicated California outdoorswoman) and fly-fishing, backpacking journalist Terra Breeden includes hundreds of tips, tactics, and techniques all aimed at helping their readers to become a better hiker.
As an avid camper and outdoorswoman, I've also included my own tips to make sure you make the most of your experience.
'As any outdoorsman or outdoorswoman will tell you, there are few better ways than to be outdoors sitting by the water's edge with a rod and reel or wading in the shallows of a natural wetland habitat while waterfowl fly overhead."--Vanessa Kauffman, USF&W
A talented outdoorswoman and mother of two young children, the media had a field day and disparaged her as selfish, irresponsible, foolish, negligent, and reckless.