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tr.v. out·faced, out·fac·ing, out·fac·es
1. To overcome with a bold or self-assured look; stare down: "Oppose thy steadfast-gazing eyes to mine, / See if thou canst outface me with thy looks" (Shakespeare).
2. To confront boldly; defy or resist: The king outfaced the rebels.
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vb (tr)
1. to face or stare down
2. to confront boldly or defiantly
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v.t. -faced, -fac•ing.
1. to cause to submit by or as if by staring down.
2. to face or confront boldly; defy.
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Past participle: outfaced
Gerund: outfacing

I outface
you outface
he/she/it outfaces
we outface
you outface
they outface
I outfaced
you outfaced
he/she/it outfaced
we outfaced
you outfaced
they outfaced
Present Continuous
I am outfacing
you are outfacing
he/she/it is outfacing
we are outfacing
you are outfacing
they are outfacing
Present Perfect
I have outfaced
you have outfaced
he/she/it has outfaced
we have outfaced
you have outfaced
they have outfaced
Past Continuous
I was outfacing
you were outfacing
he/she/it was outfacing
we were outfacing
you were outfacing
they were outfacing
Past Perfect
I had outfaced
you had outfaced
he/she/it had outfaced
we had outfaced
you had outfaced
they had outfaced
I will outface
you will outface
he/she/it will outface
we will outface
you will outface
they will outface
Future Perfect
I will have outfaced
you will have outfaced
he/she/it will have outfaced
we will have outfaced
you will have outfaced
they will have outfaced
Future Continuous
I will be outfacing
you will be outfacing
he/she/it will be outfacing
we will be outfacing
you will be outfacing
they will be outfacing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been outfacing
you have been outfacing
he/she/it has been outfacing
we have been outfacing
you have been outfacing
they have been outfacing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been outfacing
you will have been outfacing
he/she/it will have been outfacing
we will have been outfacing
you will have been outfacing
they will have been outfacing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been outfacing
you had been outfacing
he/she/it had been outfacing
we had been outfacing
you had been outfacing
they had been outfacing
I would outface
you would outface
he/she/it would outface
we would outface
you would outface
they would outface
Past Conditional
I would have outfaced
you would have outfaced
he/she/it would have outfaced
we would have outfaced
you would have outfaced
they would have outfaced
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Verb1.outface - overcome or cause to waver or submit by (or as if by) staring; "He simply stared down his opponent"
gaze, stare - look at with fixed eyes; "The students stared at the teacher with amazement"
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[aʊtˈfeɪs] VTdesafiar
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References in classic literature ?
At that period (so soon after the forty-five) there were many exiled gentlemen coming back at the peril of their lives, either to see their friends or to collect a little money; and as for the Highland chiefs that had been forfeited, it was a common matter of talk how their tenants would stint themselves to send them money, and their clansmen outface the soldiery to get it in, and run the gauntlet of our great navy to carry it across.
To outface and down- talk a Calcutta-taught Bengali, a voluble Dacca drug-vendor, would be a good game.
Instead, when his father refers to reports of the marriage, he lies, asserting 'I must outface it' (1.2.179).
He appeals to Hibbert's sense of honor and, comradeship and duty being stronger than fear, to the privilege of serving with those who outface terror: "Don't you think it's worth standing in with men like Osborne?
Whiles I may scape, I will preserve myself; and am bethought To take the basest and most poorest shape That ever penury, in contempt of man, Brought near to beast; my face I'll grime with filth, Blanket my loins, elf all my hairs in knots, And with presented nakedness outface The winds and persecutions of the sky.
But when he meant to quail and shake the orb, He was as rattling thunder (5.2.78-85) Seeking to deify her dead lover through supernatural allusions, and identifying him too as an embodiment of the "rattling" storm, (49) Cleopatra prepares for the culminating performance with which she will outface Caesar and captivity.
The specific verbal echo is apposite: "the unimaginable touch of time" is a line Wordsworth "rescued" from a "discarded notebook," at once to mark and to outface passing time (23).
The message the knee jerk reaction has sent across the border is that the world's largest democracy doesn't care a toss about freedom of expression when rivals outface its cricketers on an unlucky day.
Nevertheless, other aristocrats--at critical moments like the accession to the throne of her young brother Enrique--could outface her over her right to the regency.
Uniquely confident in his ability to outface any accusers.
The guise has been used positively since Rosalind wats to protect not only herself but Celia as well, "We will have a swashing and a martial outside, / As many other mannish cowards have / That do outface it with their semblances" (I/iii, 117-119).