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a. Going out or away; departing: an outgoing passenger train.
b. Retiring from or relinquishing a place, position, or office: the outgoing chairperson.
c. Addressed for sending: outgoing mail.
2. Sociable and responsive to others; friendly: a warm, outgoing personality.
3. Intended to be taken out, as from a restaurant: outgoing orders of Chinese food.

out·go′ing·ness n.
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the characteristic of being outgoing
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(Abbasi and Alghamdi, 2017) Passive Facebook use is shaped by social contact, whereas the outgoingness of a daily life experience (Lazaroiu et al., 2017b) influences the former.
Compared to marijuana, alcohol use was more commonly associated with social outgoingness and use often facilitated connections with potential sexual partners.
Extroversion is basically characterized with characteristics such as socialness, initiative, outgoingness, talkativeness, harmony, aliveness, leadership and activeness.
The survey results, reported in "Men or Women: Who's the Better Leader?", found that women were rated as better than or equal to men in seven of eight top leadership characteristics, including honesty, outgoingness, compassion and creativity.
The study followed 800 middle-aged women who answered questionnaires designed to measure the personality traits of extraversion (outgoingness) and neuroticism (involving a tendency to be easily distressed and to demonstrate characteristics such as moodiness, anxiety, fear, envy, and jealousy).
Given that those with stronger "egos" should respond better to the same treatments, Barron developed the Barron Ego Strength Scale (BESS) in 1953 to measure "ego strength": an individual's overall "adaptability" and "personal resourcefulness" (1953b, p.327)--a characteristic amenable to change, evident in variables such as "physiological stability and good health, a strong sense of reality, feelings of personal adequacy and vitality, permissive morality, lack of ethnic prejudice, emotional outgoingness and spontaneity, and intelligence" (p.333).
An intuitive level of social preferences should be linked with empathy and outgoingness. Self-control, perseverance, and other aspects of conscientiousness are the major personality contributors to success in school and in life.
Across all female participants, women - regardless of their own promiscuity - viewed sexually permissive women more negatively on nine of ten friendship attributes, judging them more favorably only on their outgoingness.
These characteristics to do with outgoingness or expressiveness have been found to be associated with positive evaluations of college professors (e.g., Naftulin, Ware, & Donnelly, 1973; Radmacher & Martin, 2001; Ware & Williams, 1975; Williams & Ceci, 1997).
Sociability (Sy, 17 items) items describe the number of friends one has and the amount of time spent with them, outgoingness at parties and a preference for being with others as opposed to being alone and engaging in solitary activities.
Ling (1982) investigated the validity of mathematics anxiety as a multidimensional construct and found six factors (i.e., Personal Effectiveness; Assertiveness; Math Anxiety; Outgoingness; Success; and Dogmatism) that accounted for 76% of the total variance.