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1. Conspicuously unconventional; bizarre. See Synonyms at strange.
2. Located far from civilized areas; remote: "a schooner that's gettin' ready to go off to some outlandish place to look for buried treasure" (Jack London).
3. Archaic Of foreign origin; not native.

out·land′ish·ly adv.
out·land′ish·ness n.
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Noun1.outlandishness - strikingly out of the ordinaryoutlandishness - strikingly out of the ordinary  
strangeness, unfamiliarity - unusualness as a consequence of not being well known


nAbsonderlichkeit f, → Sonderbarkeit f; (of prose, style, description) → Eigenwilligkeit f; (of name, colours, clothes, appearance etc) → Ausgefallenheit f; (of theory)Obskürität f
References in classic literature ?
He was just enough civilized to show off his outlandishness in the strangest possible manner.
You don't even have to be in Nigeria to be confused as to why three Nigerians who live in Texas are competing in the sport of bobsled," Adigun said, referencing the outlandishness of their Olympic dream.
As women in Baghdad queued to purchase plastic Christmas trees from China this year, the outlandishness of the adoption of such a tradition in an Arab context was illustrated.
The prize for sheer outlandishness may go to Angela Robinson's Professor Marston & the Wonder Women, with Luke Evans as the Harvard professor instrumental in the creation of both the polygraph and the Wonder Woman character.
42) The comparison is apt, for More's classic comedic fantasy confronted the follies and injustices of sixteenth-century Europe not with the bitter and abrasive satire of a Juvenal (or for that matter a Swift) but with the milder wryness of a Horace and the playful outlandishness of a Lucian.
16) But D'Amville's very rarity (in much of the contemporary literature on atheism, it is presented as both an unthinkable reality and a pervasive threat) and the outlandishness of his exchange with Borachio surely could awaken theatrical alertness and intellectual attentiveness rather than simply triggering moral alarm.
Even when the outlandishness of what is shown onscreen marks it as another era's dream of the future (or of their own present, enhanced by a magical new machine), Dreams Rewired carefully conceals a key piece of the puzzle: Is it, for the characters in the story, a blessing or a curse--a dream, or a nightmare?
Gillespie; and "Bilinguals and Bioptics: Virginia Woolf and the Outlandishness of Translation," by Claire Davison.
29) While the claims to personal closeness with the author--addressed as "friend" or "father"--have most struck commentators, the extent to which those claims are embedded in a sheepish sense of their presumptuousness or outlandishness, reflecting awareness of the incongruity, is less noticed.
By setting a standard of outlandishness and a reference point of divisiveness, the presidential hopeful is helping his Republican rivals
Despite--or perhaps because of--the witty outlandishness, Mikey displays a vulnerability that will resonate with readers.