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1. A line indicating the outer contours or boundaries of an object or figure: could see the outlines of an animal in the dark.
a. A style of drawing in which objects are delineated in contours without shading.
b. A sketch done in this style.
a. A summary of a text or subject, usually presented in headings and subheadings.
b. A preliminary draft or plan, as of a project or proposal.
tr.v. out·lined, out·lin·ing, out·lines
1. To draw or trace an outline of.
2. To display or accentuate the outline of: His face was outlined on the lampshade.
3. To give the main features or various aspects of; summarize: outlined the major provisions of the tax bill.
Synonyms: outline, contour, profile, silhouette
These nouns refer to a line that defines the boundary and shape of an object, mass, or figure: the outline of the mountains against the sunset; saw the island's contour from the airplane; a monarch's profile on an ancient coin; saw the dark silhouette of the family waving farewell.
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Adj.1.outlined - showing clearly the outline or profile or boundary; "hills defined against the evening sky"; "the setting sun showed the outlined figure of a man standing on the hill"
distinct - easy to perceive; especially clearly outlined; "a distinct flavor"; "a distinct odor of turpentine"; "a distinct outline"; "the ship appeared as a distinct silhouette"; "distinct fingerprints"