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tr.v. e·vag·i·nat·ed, e·vag·i·nat·ing, e·vag·i·nates
To cause (a body part) to turn inside out by eversion of an inner surface.

[Latin ēvāgīnāre, ēvāgīnāt-, to unsheath : ē-, ex-, ex- + vāgīna, sheath.]

e·vag′i·na′tion n.
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n. evaginación, salida o protuberancia de un órgano o parte de éste de su propia localización.
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During larval development, a ventral outpocketing of the wall of the anterior foregut develops into not only the prospective buccal mass, but also the entire anterior esophagus of the post-metamorphic stage (Abro, 1969; Fretter, 1969; Page, 2000, 2005).
Diagnosis of Taenia species can be made by examination of the number of outpocketing branches of the uterus in the gravid segments, because the eggs are identical.
ENTEROCOELE the body cavity formed from an outpocketing of the archenteron (a primitive digestive cavity), especially typical of echinoderms and chordates [RHD].
The involvement of epidermal growth factor receptors in thyroid outpocketing. [MSc thesis], John Carroll University.
It's the closest relationship anyone will ever have--the outpocketing of the earliest fetal tissues and the corresponding inwelling on the maternal side of the placenta--and it's held together by a natural glue called fetal fibronectin.