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Noun1.output contract - a contract in which you promise to deliver your entire output to the other party who promises to accept it
contract - a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law
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The Council has opted to present the specification in the form of a performance or output contract in order to engage the Contractor~s professional judgement and expertise to utilise current products and techniques.
Summary: Emerging-market output grew at weakest pace in 9 quarters; Q3 factory output contract, services growth at nine-quarter low; HSBC EM Index falls to fourth-weakest in series history
A model of a risk-neutral producer facing an endogenously determined risk of property damage under an output contract that penalizes underproduction is formulated to exemplify such a real need of liquidity.
The other two changes provide a new standard for measuring the exact amount of private business use of excess electric energy or gas sold under an output contract (instead of only factoring the total capacity reserved for a private entity) and allow bond-financed transmission facilities to be operated by independent or regional system operators, as long as the operating contracts are consistent with existing rules governing management contracts.
As part of the continued extension of its global distribution infrastructure, Lionsgate, a top global entertainment firm, has entered a multifaceted output contract with fast-growing Leone Film Group in Italy covering feature films from its Lionsgate and Summit labels, the two firms declared.
Musanada is keen to develop the FM market across the region to witness the proper use of output contract and more adherence of HSE standards," continues Al Balooshi.
In comparison the computer and electronic products sub sector has seen output contract by 17.
Germany, France and Italy, which make up two-thirds of the euro zone's industrial production, all saw their factory output contract for the second consecutive month in October, with Germany, the euro zone's largest economy, falling the most.
According to a Business International Monitor report, "In terms of GDP by industry, only two sectors saw output contract in the first nine months of the year: Suez Canal activity declined by 1.
Contract negotiations with Idaho Power Company, the regulated utility owned by IDACORP , are progressing toward the mutual goal of converting the existing power sales contract for Unit One from a limit of 10 average megawatts per month to a full output contract with an estimated annual average output of between 12 and 14 megawatts.
terribly surprised if we were to see output contract in the fourth quarter.
Part of the company's response to Idaho Power is a proposal to convert the existing 10MW, monthly average contract to a full output contract that would allow an annual average 13MWs of power sales.