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Noun1.output signal - signal that comes out of an electronic system
signal, signaling, sign - any nonverbal action or gesture that encodes a message; "signals from the boat suddenly stopped"
printout - the output of a computer in printed form
readout, read-out - the output of a computer in readable form
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Investigation of the walk-off effect in isolation can explicitly clarify its impact on the output signal beam.
On the other hand, the fundamental problem of the traditional electronic stethoscopes is its susceptibility to electronic interference by other devices causes distortion of the device output signal which affects the correct diagnosis.
The measurement results showed that the second peak had the biggest output signal variation, and the driving pulse with a 6.5 ns FWHM width had the greatest sensitivity.
The automatic controller output signal can be analog or impulse.
In addition, the fluid salinity and temperature also directly affect the output signal.
This is shown in the lower part of Figure 2 as a sinusoidal analogue output signal. The horizontal dotted line in the top half of the diagramme shows the trigger level.
* Advanced logic to verify proper operation by continuously monitoring the encoder output signal transitions and voltage levels.
According to the frequency sampling method, we find a sample for each output signal of EDF as a result of filtration of certain spectral components from input sliding sampling spectrum, thus the number of EDF will coincide with the number of spectral component in what follows.
According to obtained results (see Figure 2), the output signal from the PGC demodulation scheme depends nonlinearly on both the measured phase signal amplitude (D) and the carrier modulation depth (C).
For intermediate stages, output signal probability for each faulty gate is computed based on its input signal probabilities and reliability function.