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1. Nautical
a. A projecting beam or spar run out from the side of a vessel to help in securing the masts or from a mast to be used in extending a rope or sail.
b. A long thin float attached parallel to a seagoing canoe by projecting spars as a means of preventing it from capsizing.
c. A vessel fitted with such a float or beam.
d. A support for an oarlock projecting from the side of a racing shell.
e. A racing shell fitted with such a support.
2. A projecting frame extending laterally beyond the main structure of a vehicle, aircraft, or machine to stabilize the structure or support an extending part.
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1. (Nautical Terms) a framework for supporting a pontoon outside and parallel to the hull of a boat to provide stability
2. (Nautical Terms) a boat equipped with such a framework, esp one of the canoes of the South Pacific
3. any projecting framework attached to a boat, aircraft, building, etc, to act as a support
4. (Rowing) rowing another name for rigger2
[C18: from out- + rig1 + -er1; perhaps influenced by archaic outligger outlier]
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(ˈaʊtˌrɪg ər)

1. a framework supporting a float extended outboard from the side of a boat for increasing stability.
2. a bracket extending outward from the side of a racing shell to support an oarlock.
3. the shell itself.
4. a spar rigged out from a ship's rail or the like, as for extending a sail.
5. a projecting beam, as for supporting a hoisting tackle.
6. a structure extending outward from an aircraft or the like to increase stability or provide support.
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Noun1.outrigger - a stabilizer for a canoeoutrigger - a stabilizer for a canoe; spars attach to a shaped log or float parallel to the hull
outrigger canoe - a seagoing canoe (as in South Pacific) with an outrigger to prevent it from upsetting
stabiliser, stabilizer - a device for making something stable
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[ˈaʊtˌrɪgəʳ] N (= beam, spar) → batanga f, balancín m; (= rowlock) → portarremos m exterior; (= boat) → bote m con batanga, bote m con portarremos exterior
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References in classic literature ?
“That there is,” cried Benjamin; “now, in running down the coast of Spain and Portingall, you may see a nunnery stuck out on every headland, with more steeples and outriggers. such as dog-vanes and weathercocks, than you’ll find aboard of a three-masted schooner.
There was an eight-oared racing outrigger drawn up on the stage; that was the one that took their fancy.
Next, in the line of breakers he made out a small canoe, an outrigger canoe.
Aborigines, in queer outrigger canoes, and Japanese, in queerer sampans, paddled about the bay and came aboard.
Its outrigger was gone, but she was hopeful, and, before the day was out, she found the outrigger.
In the meantime she fastened the outrigger back on the canoe, using for lashings all the cocoanut fibre she could find, and also what remained of her ahu.
Came the sound of paddles, and, next, emerging into the lantern's area of light, the high, black bow of a war canoe, curved like a gondola, inlaid with silvery-glistening mother-of-pearl; the long lean length of the canoe which was without outrigger; the shining eyes and the black-shining bodies of the stark blacks who knelt in the bottom and paddled; Ishikola, the old chief, squatting amidships and not paddling, an unlighted, empty-bowled, short-stemmed clay pipe upside-down between his toothless gums; and, in the stern, as coxswain, the dandy, all nakedness of blackness, all whiteness of decoration, save for the pig's tail in one ear and the scarlet hibiscus that still flamed over the other ear.
EDITORIAL - Sail at your own risk !-- -- (The Philippine Star) - August 6, 2019 - 12:00am Despite outriggers for stability while sailing, several inter-island bancas could not withstand a squall that hit the Iloilo-Guimaras Strait last Saturday.
Compact X-style outriggers set-up with a 20-ft., 5-in.
At Cape York (North Australia) we found the natives had large canoes, with double outriggers and mat sails, with which they stood boldly out in a strong breeze with as much sail as our own boats would carry under the same general circumstances: indeed, the Australians generally upon all parts of the coast that I have visited, show little fear of the water...
Without the outriggers, the torpedo boat makes the river ride more exciting.