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Past tense of outride.
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He outrode a few of the very best US jockeys of the time.
Out of this wonderful tree were made hats, caps and dishes for domestic use, while our maidens tied with it the knot that sealed their marriage vow; wigwams were made of it, as well as large canoes that outrode the violent storms on lake and sea; it was also used for light and fuel at our war councils and spirit dances.
First Kenni Larsen went inside Troy Batchelor off turn two in Heat 3 with Edward Kennett joining him around the outside at the end of the first lap - and then Szczepaniak outrode Peter Kildemand into turn three of the next race, and when the Dane packed up, Scott Nicholls was there to take advantage.
("You couldn't steer a tricycle through a barn door," she told him.) At the Spring Rodeo every year she outroped him, outrode him, outdid him in every event but the Greased Pig Tackle, in which she refused to compete, owing to a long-ago-digested family pet, God rest its porcine soul.
Casey outrode Robert Power on the runner-up in the last hundred yards - to the delight of trainer Mouse Morris.
Mark rode a very strong finish and on this occasion outrode Christian Williams on David Brace's Celtic Revival.
There was no question Purton outrode his European rivals.
I wonder if he outrode any Jeeeeeaarmans on the way?