outside marriage

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Adv.1.outside marriage - of unwed parents; "he was born out of wedlock"
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Ms Moynihan was threatened with dismissal from An Garda Siochana when she had a child outside marriage in the mid-1980s.
But if the intercourse is outside marriage, it can be dangerous.
Summary: Defendant to be tried before Misdemeanours Court for having sex outside marriage and entering UAE illegally
According to Eurostat, in eight EU countries there were more live births registered outside marriage than within it: France (60%), Bulgaria and Slovenia (both 59 %), Estonia (56 %), Sweden (55 %), Denmark (54%), Portugal (53%) and the Netherlands (50%).
In eight of the 28 Member States, the majority of babies were born outside marriage, while in eight other member States two-thirds of babies were born to married parents.
Of the 5.1 million babies born in the EU in 2016, the proportion of babies born outside marriage has grown significantly in all member states compared to 2000, but more in Mediterranean member states than in northern Europe.
Judges read their verdict on the case of a petition seeking to make gay sex and sex outside marriage illegal during a hearing at the Constitutional Court in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Thursday.
Siring three children outside marriage and brandishing a rifle over a property dispute with a neighbor.
Conducted by Gleeden.com, a dating site for married individuals, the survey gives an insightful knowledge on how seeking for new encounters outside marriage is no more a taboo in India.
Harrow in London has the lowest rate in the country, with roughly one in five born outside marriage.
Knowsley, in Merseyside, has the highest percentage of children born outside marriage.
ALMOST three in four babies in Knowsley, Merseyside, are born outside marriage or a civil partnership - the highest proportion in the UK.