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They had little private jokes of their own which, unintelligible to the outsider, amused them enormously.
They then play up to the idea by leaving this bicycle in the park as proof of the existence of some outsider.
I had been told that he regarded me as a rank outsider.
How can you talk about being like a book, when it makes even me, an outsider, feel sick?
Yet Trent knew that he was a type of that class which would look upon him as an outsider, and a black sheep, until he had bought his standing.
I 'm an outsider, and they only accept me on Fan's account; so I sit in a corner and sew, while they chatter and laugh.
Roach was startled one day when he received orders from Master Colin's room to the effect that he must report himself in the apartment no outsider had ever seen, as the invalid himself desired to speak to him.
Then it was that the others, the outsiders, were there.
Presently the sound of singing made the outsiders quicken their steps, and, stealing up, they peeped in at one of the broken windows.
Though presenting a firm front to outsiders, no Wilcox could live near, or near the possessions of, any other Wilcox.
Thus Tippins, and surveys Fledgeby and outsiders through golden glass, murmuring as she turns about and about, in her innocent giddy way, Anybody else I know?
We are too partial, but the praise and blame of outsiders will prove useful, even if she gets but little money.