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tr.v. out·spent (-spĕnt), out·spend·ing, out·spends
1. To spend beyond the limits of: outspends his earnings.
2. To outdo in spending: outspends all her relatives at Christmas.


vb (tr)
to spend more money than



v.t. -spent, spend•ing.
1. to outdo in spending.
2. to exceed (one's resources) in spending.


[aʊtˈspend] (outspent (pt, pp)) VT to outspend sbgastar más que algn
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Even though the Army by far has the largest helicopter fleet, the Navy has outspent it modernizing its aircraft and those of the Marine Corps.
During the fourth quarter, Diamondback outspent cash flow due to the dramatic decline in commodity prices and one time merger related expenses.
Four years ago, Garcia forced Emanuel into Chicago's first mayoral runoff even though he got a late start, was outspent by a four-to-one margin and Preckwinkle refused to endorse Garcia, who served as her county board floor leader.
Cuomo - currently on his second term as governor - was always ahead in the polls and outspent Nixon by more than eight to one.
Wagner's side are five points worse off than they were at this stage last year and must battle for survival against rivals who have heavily outspent them in the transfer market.
"We were outspent nearly 8 to 1 in this runoff but the people saw past the misleading attacks and chose to restore conservative representation to District 128."
Cruz far outspent his rivals from both his campaign committee and his 13 supportive political action committees (PACs).
10), once again those firms with financial interests at stake outspent the proponents of Question 2.
Opponents vastly outspent supporters in the campaign, with much of the money coming from liquor stores in wet counties.
But Gillespie, a former Republican National Committee chairman, rode a wave of support for Republican candidates nationwide, and almost knocked Warner out of the Senate despite being outspent heavily.
"These groups may be outspent by the business wing, but they have considerable influence and support among the rank-and-file party voters, which is no small thing," Boston wrote.