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 (out′wŏsh′, -wôsh′)
Sediment deposited by streams flowing away from a melting glacier.


(Physical Geography) a mass of gravel, sand, etc, carried and deposited by the water derived from melting glaciers


(ˈaʊtˌwɒʃ, -ˌwɔʃ)

material, chiefly sand or gravel, deposited by meltwater streams in front of a glacier.


[ˈaʊtˌwɒʃ] ndepositi mpl fluvio-glaciali
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Its features range from glacial remnants such as kames, moraines, and outwash plains, to the more recent woodlands, prairies, stream corridors, bogs and fens.
The radon levels in Marshall Formation overlain by glacial outwash sand and gravel and postglacial alluvium is 4.
Portage, Michigan lies upon deposits of glacial outwash from the Last Glacial Maximum, and drift from earlier glacial advances.
Neotectonic deformation of a Late Weichselian outwash plain by deglaciation-induced fault reactivation of a deep-seated graben structure.
Often referred to as the "jack pine warbler," the bird depends on breeding habitat that consists of large stands of dense, young jack pine growing in glacial outwash sands.
AIM 7-3-7, "WakeTurbulence," lays down some good words of warning: "In a slow hover taxi or stationary hover near the surface, helicopter main rotor(s) generate downwash producing high velocity outwash vortices to a distance approximately three times the diameter of the rotor .
Khan has been formed from mixed calcareous alluvium and local outwash plain derived from the Suleiman and Marwat ranges.
GEOLOGY: The Friends of Algonquin Provincial Park have identified the following geologic characteristics: Eskers, kettles, kame moraines, terraces, drumlins, deltas, outwash plains, sand dunes, beach ridges, meltwater channels, boulder deposits, a kame-moraine complex, a fault canyon, a meteorite crater, striations, and crescentic scars.
Generating a strong downwash and outwash is also an important goal in this area for the promotion of high-energy flow underneath the car.
The top of the Simsima Formation is reddened possibly due to exposure prior to Muthaymimah deposition or to lateritic outwash from contemporaneously exposed lateritic palaeosols at top ophiolite (Fig.
w] is the rating for the water inflow and pressure effects, which may cause outwash of discontinuity infillings, and SRF is the rating for faulting, for strength/stress ratios in hard massive rocks, for squeezing or for swelling.
Our farmhouse was on a gravel ridge, likely a glacial outwash terrace, and our front yard was in the flood plain of the Great Miami River.