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n. eliptocito, eritrocito, célula roja ovalada.
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Mutations in the Band 3 gene (SLA4A1) result in red cell morphological abnormalities such as spherocytes (20 to 35 percent of hereditary spherocytosis cases) (7), ovalocytes, or elliptocytes.
A peripheral smear revealed poikilocytosis, macrocytosis, anisocytosis, and ovalocytes. No schistocytes were seen.
Regarding the pancytopenia, a peripheral blood smear showed a moderate normocytic anemia with mild hypochromia; a few ovalocytes, burr cells, and schistocytes; and increased rouleaux formation.
Both patients AII.1 and AII.2 displayed mild macrocytic anaemia and reticulocytosis, 13-15% stomatocytes in peripheral blood smear examination with 7% target cells, and 2-4% schistocytes, ovalocytes, and spherocytes (Figure 2).