ovarian pregnancy

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Noun1.ovarian pregnancy - ectopic pregnancy in the ovary
eccyesis, ectopic gestation, ectopic pregnancy, extrauterine gestation, extrauterine pregnancy, metacyesis - pregnancy resulting from gestation elsewhere than in the uterus
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Incidental pregnancy luteoma has been reported in ovary submitted for ruptured ectopic tubo ovarian pregnancy. It was non encapsulated proliferation of thecal cells in the wall of atretic follicle and had all the pathological findings of late pregnancy luteoma (5).
The clinical, biological, and imaging features thus far led to the suspicion of an ovarian pregnancy, for which a Pfannenstiel laparotomy was performed (lack of laparoscopic equipment).
Based on the review of five reported cases which were proposed as primary abdominal ectopic pregnancy, Berghella and Wolf presented all the published omental pregnancies would be secondary, and they may result from tubal or ovarian pregnancy abortions.
Out of them, 50 (82%) women had tubal ectopic pregnancies and one patient each had a cervical (1.65%) and ovarian pregnancy (1.65%).
We had the same experience with ovarian pregnancy. It was diagnosed intraoperatively and confirmed with histopathology report.
Ectopic ovarian pregnancy is itself an uncommon type of ectopic pregnancy, representing only 0.15% of all ectopic pregnancies.
The incidence of primary ovarian pregnancy is reported to be one in 7000 to 40000 pregnancies.
But after seeking medical advice she was told she had a rare but deadly condition, known as ovarian pregnancy, that affects just one in 40,000 childbirths.
Secondary ovarian pregnancy may result from an earlier tubal abortion that attaches to the ovarian surface.[6]
DISCUSSION: Heterotopic pregnancies presents as an intrauterine pregnancy and tubal, abdominal, corneal, cervical or ovarian pregnancy. A previous review showed that most of extra uterine pregnancies were located in the fallopian tube (72.5%).
Reported cases of molar changes in ovarian pregnancy are also found in the literature (8).