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n. pl. o·var·i·ot·o·mies
1. Surgical incision into an ovary, as to perform a biopsy or remove a tumor.
2. An oophorectomy.


n, pl -mies
(Surgery) surgical incision into an ovary. Compare oophorectomy


(oʊˌvɛər iˈɒt ə mi)

n., pl. -mies.
surgical incision into or removal of an ovary.
[1835–45; < New Latin ōvāriotomia]
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Ephraim McDowell, the first ovariotomy, and the birth of abdominal surgery.
10 Table 3: Comparison of Surgeries Type of Surgery Group LB Group R Hernioplasty 14 12 Incisional hernia mesh repair 4 8 TAH (Total Abdominal Hysterectomy) 12 8 Open Prostatectomy 4 4 Ovariotomy 2 4 Appendicectomy 14 14 Total 50 50 Table 4: Comparison of Mean Time of Onset of Sensory Blockade Group LB (n=50) R (n=50) MEAN 10.
One remarkable exception is the epoch-making communication by Ephraim McDowell of the first ovariotomy performed by him seven years before writing his account, in Danville.
It was also during this period that parts of the female anatomy were being removed through procedures like the ovariotomy, a surgery designed to treat phantom ailments like nymphomania and hysteria.