over all

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(ˈəuvə) preposition
1. higher than; above in position, number, authority etc. Hang that picture over the fireplace; He's over 90 years old.
2. from one side to another, on or above the top of; on the other side of. He jumped over the gate; She fell over the cat; My friend lives over the street.
3. covering. He put his handkerchief over his face.
4. across. You find people like him all over the world.
5. about. a quarrel over money.
6. by means of. He spoke to her over the telephone.
7. during. Over the years, she grew to hate her husband.
8. while having etc. He fell asleep over his dinner.
1. higher, moving etc above. The plane flew over about an hour ago.
2. used to show movement, change of position. He rolled over on his back; He turned over the page.
3. across. He went over and spoke to them.
4. downwards. He fell over.
5. higher in number etc. for people aged twenty and over.
6. remaining. There are two cakes for each of us, and two over.
7. through from beginning to end, carefully. Read it over; Talk it over between you.
finished. The affair is over now.
(in cricket) a certain number of balls bowled from one end of the wicket. He bowled thirty overs in the match.
(as part of a word)
1. too (much), as in overdo.
2. in a higher position, as in overhead.
3. covering, as in overcoat.
4. down from an upright position, as in overturn.
5. completely, as in overcome.
over again
once more. Play the tune over again.
over alloverallbelowover and done with
finished; no longer important. He has behaved very wickedly in the past but that's all over and done with now.

to speak over twenty (not twenty over) languages.
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