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Noun1.over-crowding - excessive crowding; "traffic congestion"
crowding - a situation in which people or things are crowded together; "he didn't like the crowding on the beach"
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They increase the costs for litigants; encourage corruption, especially at the lower court level; contribute to the over-crowding of prisons; expose under-trial prisoners, who may be behind bars for minor offences, to the sordid influence of hardened criminals, etc.
"Whether it's hospital over-crowding, waiting lists, patients waiting far too long to see the specialist they need to see, or for the operation they need to have.
The Municipality of Amsterdam explained in a statement that the new rules are being brought in because the tours "are not respectful towards sex workers", while also causing over-crowding and too much foot traffic -reports Mirror Online.
When the Florida Legislature gains the courage to modernize our laws to reflect reality, a cure to the prison over-crowding problem will occur.
The masterplan also features a smart destination management system that will support personalised products and services and help manage visitor flows to avoid over-crowding and delays.
Regarding the education sector, the MP observed that the budget did not speak to some challenges of the sector such as over-crowding in classrooms.
Last year turnstiles were installed to regulate the flow into the old city because of over-crowding.
Register for specific entry times (to avoid over-crowding) and join us in the festive sensory gym, following the valentine's hearts around to each of our 15+ creative obstacle course stations.
The protective glass of the men's counter also broke due to the pushing and shoving that ensued following the over-crowding. Several candidates climbed onto the roofs of the counters to protest the lack of proper arrangements.
PESHAWAR -- The jail inmates have been facing various problems like over-crowding, lack of health facilities, shortage of medicines in almost all prisons of the province needs urgent attention of the government.
The meeting was informed that over-crowding in jails is one of the main problems which requires immediate attention of the government.