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Noun1.over-crowding - excessive crowding; "traffic congestion"
crowding - a situation in which people or things are crowded together; "he didn't like the crowding on the beach"
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Train operators continue their war of attrition 8% amid anger over soaring ticket prices and over-crowding at peak travel times.
They cited understaffing, poor funding, old equipment and over-crowding as KNH's main problems.
We wanted to address not only the issue of over-crowding in our system, but more importantly, looking at the policies and practices that can be put into place to prevent many of these individuals from returning, said OCCHD Executive Director Gary Cox.
Though he did not elaborate on the matter, it appears that over-crowding in the cells, bad food, inability to tell when the case might come up for hearing because of a crowded court calendar, and the enforced socialising with hardcore criminals all these had a bearing on his decision to go to jail for seven months rather than being remanded.
LAHORE -- The faculty of two premier medical education institutions in Lahore has never bothered to accept its responsibility to run the allied healthcare facilities concerned, resulting in over-crowding of patients at Sir Ganga Ram and Mayo hospitals.
There can be multiple reasons for your dentist to recommend a tooth extraction - removal due to a severe accidental trauma, decay or over-crowding.
Mr Corbyn had complained of a "ram-packed" train and said over-crowding was a regular experience for passengers.
Witnesses said as he moved towards his seat on the dais, it collapsed apparently due to over-crowding.
Over-crowding, insanitary living conditions and long delays in processing asylum requests, have caused tension at Moria between different ethnic groups.
The secretary said seven new jails would be established in the province including the provincial capital to cope with an issue of over-crowding jails.
The weather's even better, there are no queues, traffic jams or over-crowding and away from 'big' towns, no parking I charges