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Noun1.over-crowding - excessive crowding; "traffic congestion"
crowding - a situation in which people or things are crowded together; "he didn't like the crowding on the beach"
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But many rail users in South Wales struggle more with issues of over-crowding on their services and call for more carriages to be added to help overcome being faced with a stranger's armpit.
Of course, it might be necessary to have a big box of money at every station so they can take out a few quid in compensation if the experience falls below acceptable levels of comfort, over-crowding and punctuality.
To add to her 'happiness' the landlord has just informed her that, as he is having trouble with the Health Department about gross over-crowding and condition of the property, she must leave in a month's time.
It is high time we in Wales had the power to tackle infrastructure improvement, over-crowding and a complicated system of rather expensive fares.
Illegal expatriate workers, he explained, erect stalls randomly causing inconvenience to customers and over-crowding.
As well as safety risks, it is also feared over-crowding makes it more likely inmates will commit more crimes.
It is a far better way to manage the over-crowding of our roads than recent suggestions to curb expat driving licences.
DELAYS, over-crowding and high ticket prices sent passenger satisfaction levels below 50% for 11 out of our 19 train companies.
If over-crowding is a serious problem we should be building more prisons instead of listening to softie left liberals arguing for non-custodial sentences.
It claims it will reduce over-crowding in social housing and direct benefits to those most in need.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- France has more inmates behind bars than ever before, it was revealed this week, prompting hundreds of prison guards to assemble in front of more than 100 jails, in protest against over-crowding and safety concerns.
The projects will be able to help to better manage over-crowding, save drivers time and better connect motorists with some of Virginia's most vital employment centers.