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Verb1.over-refine - refine too much or with excess of subtlety; "He is overrefining this matter"
fine-tune, refine, polish, down - improve or perfect by pruning or polishing; "refine one's style of writing"
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India's newly appointed Defence Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, attributed her recent rise to "cosmic grace." Borrowing from her vocabulary, a "cosmic process" is going on, truly in an over-refined manner, weakening the separation-of-powers in our Constitution, especially by controlling the judiciary through selective appointments and interferences.
This is achieved by substituting an over-refined single FE model with multiple interconnected and coarser FE models representing different length scales.
The Greek violinist Efi Christodoulou gives a direct and warm-hearted performance of the violin concerto and if she's inclined to linger in the adagio I find her approach more congenial than Ann-Sophie Mutter's cooler, over-refined version on Deutsche Grammophon.
One question this chapter provokes is why Beaumont does not say more about the reappearance of notional pasts in utopian and science fictions of the period: the feudal organisation of society in William Morris's News from Nowhere and Richard Jefferies's After London, and the devolved form of the human species that menaces the over-refined Eloi--themselves responses to Morris's citizens of Nowhere.
"Slender of build, swift of movement, always strikingly pale, with coal-black hair, black eyes veiled and flashing, and lips that curled like those of Lord Byron, he seemed to many the embodiment of the aesthete with over-refined tastes and sensibilities."