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adj. Informal
Past one's prime; old.
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Adj.1.over-the-hill - too old to be useful; "He left the house...for the support of twelve superannuated wool carders"- Anthony Trollope
old - (used especially of persons) having lived for a relatively long time or attained a specific age; "his mother is very old"; "a ripe old age"; "how old are you?"
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Make Back-Burner Strawberry Sauce to use up a surplus or nearly over-the-hill batch of strawberries, and whip up Quick Strawberry Jam for a no-fuss take on a classic spread.
Saturday True Grit Sky Movies Premiere 10pm Jeff Bridges is on fine grizzled form in the Coen brothers' masterful Western, playing a drunken over-the-hill lawman recruited by a teenage girl to bring her father's murderer to justice.
The airline has long been dogged by problems such as overcapacity, an over-the-hill fleet and competition from low-cost rivals.Country: Sweden, Sector: Air TransportTarget: SASBuyer: Qatar AirwaysType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Denied
That's because megabucks Russian club Anzhi Makhachkala are spending money like it's going out of fashion, which of course it is, and specialise in buying over-the-hill players, like Roberto Carlos, Samuel Eto'o and Kremlin Hughes.
I titled this last column "The Over-the-Hill Bunch" because that is what The Dumb Bunch has become.
And, as in the Todd Haynes film I'm Not There, we get several different Dylans: The still-expert genius ("Those who cast doubt on Bob Dylan's ability to perform were forced to eat their words"); the severely over-the-hill windbag ("I Want My Money Back"); the folk-rocker-without-a-message ; the unclassifiable enigma ("writing about a Dylan concert is like listening to a blind man describe a sunset"); and the Jewish Boomer icon, a perspective provided, naturally, by Bradley Burston:
Despite never quite deciding whether it is a US daytime TV satire or a rom-com set against a television backdrop, Morning Glory is still stylish and witty entertainment, driven by McAdams as feisty, ambitious producer Becky Fuller and Ford as gloriously grumpy, over-the-hill newsman Mike Pomeroy.
At 47 your husband is far from over-the-hill and while jobs are harder to find they do exist.
On Sunday mornings during the spring and fall, Jones plays for the Harvard club, a rival of Framingham United in the New England Over-The-Hill Soccer League's Veterans South Division.
In an understated perf, Maggie Gyllenhaal in "Crazy Heart" plays a journo/divorced single mom who against her better judgment becomes involved with Jeff Bridges' booze-sodden, flabby, irresponsible, over-the-hill country singer.
As Demi Moore speaks out about ageism in the Hollywood film industry, Jane Plunkett asks why men are considered attractive as they age, while older women are just regarded as over-the-hill George Clooney, 48, with his greying hair and sun beaten features, hooks up with 28-year old Sarah Larson and the media calls her a 'lucky girl' to be dating such a stud.

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