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intr.v. o·ver·a·chieved, o·ver·a·chiev·ing, o·ver·a·chieves
To perform better or achieve more success than expected.

o′ver·a·chieve′ment n.
o′ver·a·chiev′er n.


an excessive or unusually high level of achievement
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Noun1.overachievement - better than expected performance (better than might have been predicted from intelligence tests)
performance - any recognized accomplishment; "they admired his performance under stress"; "when Roger Maris powered four home runs in one game his performance merits awe"
underachievement - poorer than expected performance (poorer than might have been predicted from intelligence tests)
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Elon Musk has given a new meaning to the expression overachievement.
This compensation plan should also include significant multipliers for overachievement, to motivate successful reps to drive more business.
Regardless, the fact that they bagged 2 out of the 3 PBA jewels in 2017 was already an overachievement.
The following performance values apply during cleaning: Cleaning class r101: Offices 180 m 2 / h cleaning class r102: Sanitary facilities 85 m 2 / h cleaning class r401: Hallways / staircases / elevators 250 m 2 / h cleaning class r402: Connecting corridors 250 m 2 / h cleaning class r501: Cleaning before event 250 m 2 / h cleaning class r502: Cleaning after event 250 m 2 / h cleaning class r601: Storage / cellar rooms, Warehouse 320 m 2 / h an overachievement of the leistungsoberwerte of the respective cleaning groups is up to max.
Still, Nzeusseu said that the overachievement is as a cause for celebration with how the Pirates defied everyone's expectations.
BAD COP: Defensive doubts continue and last season's ninth position may be an overachievement they will struggle to match.
Whereas before the Magpies may have become complacent, for example by convincing themselves their squad was capable of replicating overachievement like during the summer of 2012 following a fifth-placed finish, Benitez believes in continuous progress across the board.
The composition of Dyche's group probably reflects what most think is the key to his club's overachievement.
They probably ended up where most expected them to, but having thought they'd struggle I'd have to go with overachievement on what I predicted.
A club that has traditionally be designated to the second and regional divisions, their rise to Bundesliga in a decade is perhaps the biggest tale of overachievement in the league's 53-year history.
Conversely, unpredictability matters less if IW is the main event where the point is to achieve an agglomeration of effects so that overachievement in one endeavor can compensate for underachievement in another, particularly if done to support strategic narratives that shape decisions or actions.