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intr.v. o·ver·a·chieved, o·ver·a·chiev·ing, o·ver·a·chieves
To perform better or achieve more success than expected.

o′ver·a·chieve′ment n.
o′ver·a·chiev′er n.
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an excessive or unusually high level of achievement
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Noun1.overachievement - better than expected performance (better than might have been predicted from intelligence tests)
performance - any recognized accomplishment; "they admired his performance under stress"; "when Roger Maris powered four home runs in one game his performance merits awe"
underachievement - poorer than expected performance (poorer than might have been predicted from intelligence tests)
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The remaining $2,500 will go to his school to help continue fostering overachievement among its students.
As a result of our year-to-date overachievement and broad-based strength across the business, we're raising our annual guidance ranges.'
But now the 31-year-old reckons it's time to mark his team-mates' continual overachievement by bringing silverware back to Pittodrie.
At the same time, Cyprus is expected to be fully compliant with all requirements of the Stability and Growth Pact in 2019 and 2020, including the projected overachievement of the medium-term budgetary objective and the projected sizeable general government surplus, thus ensuring compliance with the deficit criterion and the debt reduction benchmark, the commission said.
We also expect our Q1 revenue overachievement to drive healthy EPS in Q1 as we grow non-GAAP earnings faster than revenue through margin expansion," said CEO Dan Bodner.
Having won the Pro 12 with Connacht in 2016 Lam is no stranger to overachievement and what he's done at Bristol is similarly impressive.
Ridiculous level of overachievement when you look at the points he has collected on a modest budget.
The club have suffered immensely from poor investment post Sir Alex Ferguson and to be in sixth-place in the Premier League still feels like an overachievement for a side which relies on Ashley Young as a fullback.
Still, the quarterfinals exit is an overachievement for Park and Vietnam.
"This is an absolute overachievement, bigger than the promotion last season.
Parents understandably want to praise their daughter's hard work and encourage her persistence, but this also promotes the myth that overachievement is the only road that will lead her to success.