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Aggressive to an excessive degree.

o′ver·ag·gres′sive·ly adv.


excessively quarrelsome or belligerent
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We're having a tough time scoring runs and we just got overaggressive.
As a formerly enthusiastic supporter of the club for many decades, I witnessed its overaggressive platform for land control that is unnecessary in scope and abusive to outdoor recreationists, wildlife conservators and even some desert property owners.
The latter you could write off to overaggressive play - if you were so inclined to give someone like Belle a break.
I still make overaggressive mistakes, but I've learned.
I was just overaggressive," said Bellinger, who became the first player in history to suffer two four-strikeout games in the World Series.
This is a fiddly layout, where power is not a great asset, and it is not difficult to imagine some overaggressive driving getting Rahm in trouble.
Governor Greg Abbott today signed House Bill 7 (HB 7) to restrict overaggressive fees municipalities can charge for the removal of trees on private property.
Furthermore, the costs, unnecessary radiation exposure, and trauma of VCUG were deemed overaggressive.
Both the Willis Towers Watson and AmWINS reports expect that appetite to continue into 2017, but whether that capacity means the marketplace is healthy or a bit overaggressive is up for debate.
A single overaggressive scan can bring an enterprise network to its knees.
For example, the Triple Pressure Sensor Technology protects gums from overaggressive brushing by visually indicating when too much pressure is applied, automatically slowing down the brush head speed, and stopping completely.