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Aggressive to an excessive degree.

o′ver·ag·gres′sive·ly adv.


excessively quarrelsome or belligerent
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In addition, overaggressive lawyers filing unsubstantiated claims can make even the simplest cases expensive to defend because the lender must still respond to the accusation, wasting additional time and money.
The ball was over his head, but the junior guard tracked it down, saved it and was immediately fouled by an overaggressive Trey Porter.
This approach will allow us time to assess how the economy is performing under less accommodative financial conditions and reduce the odds of overaggressive rate hikes choking off progress toward our policy goals.
Novak has apparently had silicone injections or overaggressive fat injections to her face, actually do so with subtle plastic surgery that keeps them looking younger and 'refreshed'.
Mr Shehata's expertise in conquering Kelly's overaggressive immune system is an example of that problem solving.
There are times when you have to be firm and authoritative with a company but being overaggressive can be counter-productive.
Caused by anything from overaggressive estimating to faulty cost reporting, profit fade that shows up in your financials makes it difficult for bankers and bonding agents to trust your estimates for the current year.
The absence of cytologic abnormalities after careful screening should have precedence over HPV results to prevent unnecessary or overaggressive follow-up in these patients.
agencies and coalition partners often consider them pushy and overaggressive.
In the short term they can justify their overaggressive actions; in the long term they will know they acted inappropriately, which can cause serious psychological damage.
These are all red flags indicating that this person could have an overaggressive inflammatory response.
and any overaggressive enlargement and said it is comfortable with a growth level of 40% per year.