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It is apparent that the subjects in this study tend to organize their concept of knowledge along the one overall dimension of structure or constraint.
Perhaps the only thing that emerges with any decisiveness is that new New Yorkers seem to inhabit very small studios: Much of the work is modest in scale, either in its overall dimension or in the size of the bits and pieces that compose it.
The DRL100-24-1/C2 is housed in a rugged plastic enclosure, with overall dimensions of 72mm x 91mm x 55.6mm.
It features the company's latest design language, with striking LED headlamps, a large grille, flat bonnet and compact overall dimensions. The front end has 18-inch diamond cut alloy wheels and rear end with sharply styled LED tail-lamps, Volvo's City Safety, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, blind spot identification and seven airbags.
The V9 boasts a screen size of 6.3-inches but still manages to keep the overall dimensions on the smaller side.
The Seven Portable Drive is the thinnest 500 GB portable drive on the market, according to Seagate, and is so named because it's only 7 mm thick; overall dimensions are 4.8 inches long by 3.2 inches wide, and it weighs only 3.2 oz.
The new facility will be 30 m in overall dimensions, including two 10.5-meter-wide traffic lanes, a 3-meter-wide dividing strip and two 3-meter-wide sidewalks.
Manufacturing and erection of one steel sliding gate of 10 M x 2.8 M overall dimensions and another similar of 9 M x 2.8 overall dimensions.
* The reduction in converter volume and footprint allows engineers to reduce the overall dimensions of their application.

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