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1. Forming an arch overhead or above: overarching branches.
2. Encompassing, extensive, or general: an overarching principle; an overarching theme.

o′ver·arch′ing·ly adv.


overall; all-encompassing: an overarching concept.


(ˌoʊ vərˈɑr tʃɪŋ)

1. forming an arch above.
2. encompassing or overshadowing everything.


[ˌəʊvərˈɑːtʃɪŋ] ADJ [question] → global; [desire] → general


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It is clear from the above that ethnogenetic myths leave open a space for Tidung being more fundamentally, overarchingly or precedentially something other-than-Tidung.
The articles by Sujata Assomull, Kaul and Meher Varma, and to some extent that by Vandana Bhandari, trace this rise of "contemporary" Indian fashion designers and their role in a post-liberalization economy where their success has overarchingly superseded that of the "traditional" craftsperson as the tastemaker and custodian of India's myriad textile traditions.
All of these displays, however disparate, reinforce Koolhaas's overarchingly scientific rubric and informatic visual strategy.
The result of these connections is, 1 hope to have shown, an overarchingly, coherent theory of the genesis of spatiality out of the activity of living things.
As her work has evolved, however, young anitafrika has increasingly come to think of what she does less as dub theatre than, overarchingly, "storytelling," but more specifically for her theatre work, "biomyth monodrama," evoking Audre Lorde and, again, mandiela's automythobiography." Young defines "biomyth" as
Overarchingly, the focus of most imagistic analyses is on images as symbols, and how these symbols/images perpetuate the status quo.
Soper's noninstrumental argument for deference is thus partly an argument from self-respect, partly an argument from respect for others, and overarchingly an argument from community (p.
Members of Congress, largely ignorant of their constitutional responsibilities and powers in the realm of foreign affairs, and overarchingly concerned with matters that will facilitate their reelection efforts, which, they have decided emphatically does not include foreign policy decision making, sits on its hands and acquiesces in the face of executive presidential usurpation of the war power.
While these essays are angry and sorrowful, they also are overarchingly full of possibility, as the final sentence describing the unkempt grass, reminiscent of poet Walt Whitman, signifies: "Oases of wilderness, islands marooned by a green sea, they progress towards fall untended: raggedy fists spreading seeds of revolt."
To be clear, not all programs operate in the same manner, but overarchingly, these programs remain more connected to communities of color than other academic disciplines.
The plot development of The Americans is overarchingly organized by the personal that dictates the political, namely a combination of love and duty that the Jennings enact for their homeland, for each other, and for their children.
Indigenous development in the Andes: Culture, power, and transnationalism discusses overarchingly complex, socio-cultural economic development, and the relationship between indigena organizations and international agencies, and government, all within the context of contemporary globalization.