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o·ver·arm 1

adj. Sports
1. Executed with the arm raised above the shoulder; overhand: an overarm throw.
2. Of, relating to, or being a stroke in swimming that is begun with the arm lifted and stretched forward over the shoulder.

o·ver·arm 2

tr.v. o·ver·armed, o·ver·arm·ing, o·ver·arms
To supply (a nation, for example) with an excess of weaponry, especially nuclear missiles.
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(ˈəʊvərˌɑːm) sport
(General Sporting Terms) bowled, thrown, or performed with the arm raised above the shoulder
with the arm raised above the shoulder
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(ˈoʊ vərˌɑrm)

thrown or performed by raising the arm above the shoulder.
[1860–65, Amer.]
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Adj.1.overarm - with hand brought forward and down from above shoulder level; "an overhand pitch"; "an overhand stroke"
athletics, sport - an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition
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وَيَدُه فوْقَ كَتِفِه
magasról való
su užsimojimuužsimodamasužsimojant
cez ramenovrchom
kollar yukarda


[ˈəʊvərɑːm] ADV [throw, bowl] → por encima de la cabeza
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(ˈəuvəraːm) adjective, adverb
(of a throw) with the hand and arm moving round above the shoulder. He bowled overarm; an overarm throw.
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The underarm serve is thought to express disrespect for one's opponent, because such serving is assumed to convey that the opponent does not deserve the respect of being served to "properly" with an overarm serve.
(1985) Force, velocity and energy flow during the overarm throw in female handball players.
The fly-half found David Burcher, who manufactured an improbable one-handed overarm pass.
He experienced acute right posterior shoulder pain following an overarm throw, occurring in the 25th minute of a domestic league match.
Flamingo balance test, arm movement speed, grip strength, trunk strength and overarm length values of the children were found significant (p <0.05).
Neither could be separated in the next two rounds with both fighters showing sparks of authority in a tight affair before Burns finally found the overarm right, which brought blood to the nose of the Mancunian.
Based on a swimming style used by Indigenous South Americans, purportedly observed in Buenos Aires by English expatriate John Trudgen, who introduced it to England in 1873, the stroke combined an overarm action with a scissors kick (Colwin 2002:10).
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"My grandmother played, my grandfather and my greatgrandmother (Ellen Stanwell-Brown; the first woman to serve overarm at Wimbledon in 1901), but that was never a motivating factor for me.